New Daniel Danger / JMS Prints Soon

As reported by Daniel himself, Tiny Media Empire is set to release a brand new collaborative print between Justin Myer Staller and Daniel Danger sometime soon (maybe even tonight). Keep your eye on if you don’t want to miss it.

Here is the info from Daniel:

“a few weeks back, mister justin myer staller and myself had an afternoon and we decided to do a quick collab print on the fly and by hand, to help fund a rather pricey upcoming project were involved with (details to come on that later), which we start this weekend. so we collaged together old films of bridges i drive over and wallpapers i like, made some old-school cut paper stencils for the floods, and used some of justins photo-collage work, and then i hand painted a film which exposed with marginal success. regardless, justin finished printing them recently and were putting them up for sale in the very near future. like, maybe tonight if the weather holds out (ie, my internet doesnt die). if not, then tommorow for sure. justin will be personally handling all the shipping on these next week.

its a 3 color screenprint, 15×20″, in three different colorways plus a few assorted mix-y colors, but at the moment i am unsure of the edition sizes of each. this information will be posted when the prints go up. “

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  1. They are up

  2. blue was edition of 9, green of 17 and red of 20. blue was already sold out so i grabbed a green one.

    now they are all sold out.

    anyone know if these are signed? i’m assuming they are but there isn’t any mention and i don’t see any signatures in the photos.

  3. They’ll be signed by both artists.

  4. thanks for the info and heads up on these.

  5. how much where the prints?

  6. …I missed it. This works quite well.

  7. The ‘mix-y’ version didn’t go up though did it?

  8. cerebus, here’s a message from dd:

    so the three colors of the collab print between justin myer staller and myself are now sold out.
    sorry to anyone who missed out, and thanks to everyone who picked one up. we greatly appreciate your support.
    give them a good home, and take your vitamins..

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