“Surrogate” Mixed Media Art Print by Michael Latimer

Here is a really cool new art print from British artist Michael Latimer. “Surrogate” is a very special print, in that each one was hand-drawn and painted on, then hand screenprinted. Each print is unique, and they come in five different colors. They are about 12″ x 17″, and run 90 Pounds unframed, or 120 Pounds framed. Visit LowercaseIndustry.com for more info.

9 Responses to ““Surrogate” Mixed Media Art Print by Michael Latimer”

  1. Thats so cool but so expensive with the exchange rate

  2. I really dont get the consistent use of cartoon and cutesy characters in a lot of artwork nowadays. WTF…can someone elude or at least tell me what this genre is called so I can avoid it like terminal genital herpes!

  3. Yeah, I think it’s called cool stuff. You probably should avoid it.

  4. that is some damn good illustration, a bit pricey, but super nice.

  5. Yeah the pound Vs Dollar is pretty extreme at the moment, i’m only too aware of how expensive this makes them look to our american cousins,

    Hope you find what you are looking for Mr NOPE!

  6. i second what NOPE said. i don’t mind it if you at least have your own unique style but everything now is the buffmonster kid robot cartoon style of illustrations and toys and they are getting really old. i want to see new art, not new vinyl toys and overpriced cartoon illustrations.

  7. i think they’re great…if cartoon robot illustrations aren’t your style then go and buy skull and zombie prints…

  8. These aren’t expensive considering each one is unique.

  9. hillsj2001, skull and zombie prints aren’t my thing either. all of that shit is played out.

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