Exclusive: New Aaron Horkey Genghis Tron Poster

Here is some brand new, exclusive business for ya:  Aaron Horkey just sent over an image of his new poster for Genghis Tron’s record release shows.  This thing is insane!  No word on availability yet, but if things go as usual, these will likely be for sale at the shows, then at Burlesque afterward.  Enjoy!

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  1. Tool = Tool

  2. Hi – Theres an artist called Thiernan in the UK – he works for an indie label and does the covers of albums, its kind of because I grew up with him watching him do this over the years hat maybe I feel I have seen it before.
    He also in very into comics, an area I do not tread in but as I said this could be lifted straight out of a comic book, it dosn’t need to be a gig poster but the technique I have seen before.

    Hey – I am on a limb considering the comments above and respect all views. Consider mine just one more

  3. Sacha, look over all that Aaron has done. No two are even close to being the same. You do not find this level of detail in comic book art. None of it is clip art re-colored or re-textured.

  4. Went looking for Thiernan’s stuff found nothing. Got a link to the label or something so we can see his work ?

  5. Horkey’s art cures cancer.

  6. yeah normally i would agree that i don’t buy posters for bands i don’t already know/digthemost, but i kinda feel like this one is quite a standout, i mean yeah who the flock is genghis tron, but it’s not like you really have to read the words…it’s funny though, the tone of some post-ys is like, ‘blah blah is god, if you dont like him you’re stupid, and i’ll get all defensive…waaahhh”….i mean i didnt love the last hork print on this blog but this one is quite doper so just get crunk….but yeah come on brah it would be way nicer if some of the dope poster artist peeps do stuff for good bands other than ween………..word

  7. Ween is a good band? lol

  8. Horkey constantly astounds me. That’ll never change. He’s otherworldly.

  9. gah i hate stoney! what’s stoney’s fav band cuz now i’ll totally hate on them!!! waaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!

  10. Meh – Send me your email and I will get link to his site tomorrow – hes amazing and watching him doodle is very cool.

  11. The shape of the typography is beautiful next to the shape of the image.

  12. Try Rick Griffin… He did it long ago in the 1960’s to late 70’s. Rick is the man and Horkey walks in his shadow. He did creepy insect themes before Horks Daddy dropped seed in Mama bear. Very familiar, not original but still respectable.

  13. I feel that his work is better suited for black and white “ink” style. I can also do without the typography. I mean the type is cool but not when it’s so clean and vector looking then put in contrast with a pen drawn graphic it sticks out too much. Thats graphic design no no numero uno for me.

    If the drawing was just inked black on white, I’d buy. No text, just art.

  14. Meh
    You wanted the web address of the guy who I grew up with, the one who I compare Horkey to
    What do you think ?


  15. poop, I love Rick Griffin’s work, especially his album covers, but I don’t remember many insect themes.

    Sacha, your buddy does some nice work.

    I love this print, very sci-fi pulp.

  16. When I first started collecting gig posters I only bought posters that were for bands I knew and liked. It didn’t take me long to start buying posters for the artwork, regardless of the band. If I can find a cool poster for a band that I like that’s great, but they are few and far between. Thankfully for me Arcade Fire have a steady flow of really cool gig posters. I have said before that I would probably buy a New Kids On The Block poster if it were done by an artist as talented as Horkey. It’s all about the art for me, and the band is secondary.

  17. The Beauty of Horkey’s Work is only made better by the fact that most of the bands are some of the best in Metal/Hardcore/Experimental. Even If you don’t like the genre(s), at least they’re well thought of or influential bands. ISIS, Converge, Boris, Mogwai, I just don’t see the problem. If you disagree, have fun at The Hold Steady, and I’ll be getting my face melted by Genghis Tron.

  18. i fully back Alec.
    The fact that Horkey is an amazing artist comes through in every piece, but coupled with the fact that Genghis Tron are incredible, this particular piece gets my mojo a’hummin’
    I wonder if he listens to the band while making the poster…i can hear GT in this one…

  19. I think you few critics are missing the actual reasons Horkey’s stuff (not just this one poster) seems familiar/already-done. The saturation of works by Roger Dean, H.R. Giger, and Salvadore Dali pretty much sums it up. I’d say his posters can definitely be put in the neosurrealist box. You like it or you don’t, but I don’t think anyone’s doing it better than this. Roger Dean, George Grie, and a handful of less-famous others all did neosurrealist work for bands several decades ago, but I’d say they left plenty of room for improvement. Also, thanks to those guys, posters like this one now have an over-the-top, arena-filling, vintage-y feel to them, and that can be pretty cool matched up with young semi-underground bands.

    Personally, I’m no huge fan of Horkey’s work, but I am thinking of snapping up this one when it comes out.

  20. all you guys saying that genghis tron is a shitty band need to go listen to their new album. they’re awesome. check it out on some headphones, too, it’ll blow your minds. “i won’t come back alive” is a good place to start.

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