“Whale Bone Grove” Art Print by Aaron Horkey (Onsale Info)

Well, the time is finally approaching, my favorite art print in quite some time is set to release.  This print was a major, major undertaking by the crew at Burlesque Design.  All versions have a massive number of colors, along with some of the tightest printing and embossing I’ve seen.  I’ll do my best to be clear in the breakdown of the prints, and what’s going on sale.  The time is Friday, February 8 at 12pm CSTBurlesqueDesign.com, be there or be square.

(Click For Bigger Images)

Standard Edition

17 Color Screenprint, Edition of 120 (80 Available), $180:

Blue Edition

17 Color Screenprint, Edition of 73 (33 Available), $250:

Japan Blood Plate Edition

18 Colors, Edition of 65, Available Exclusively Through Burlesque’s Japan Distributor, Mega Fauna:

29 Responses to ““Whale Bone Grove” Art Print by Aaron Horkey (Onsale Info)”

  1. You guys must be from the city. Out here those things are pretty common.

  2. I want the helmet-less variant.

  3. how do you get the japan version? i cant find the mega fauna site or something?

  4. Pretty sure you’re going to have to be from Japan to get that one, but no word yet. They just left the US today.

  5. I am from the city and if that was in the city it would be removed for common decency and to stop ladies fainting and men feeling insecure.
    You country boys have a lot to live up to.

  6. sold out

  7. that’s where they hide the WMD’s at

  8. dang sacha over here keepin it real, all up in the city and thangs…..it’s true tho, the city girls just wouldnt know what to do if they had to face this type of imagery on a regular basis, it would be like a mass hysteria kinda thing…….pobre city girl

  9. The sting ray school in the moon is badass!

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