This Week’s Obey Print: LA Philharmonic Hall

Obey will reportedly be back in action this week with a new print release, LA Philharmonic Hall. The hall commissioned Shephard to do this print of the famous building by Frank Gehry. If everything goes as planned, this should come out today (Tuesday, January 8 ) at noon PST. Visit

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  1. Autodactyl…you have the wool over your eyes. Either that, or you haven’t got a clue as to the psychology of collecting if you can’t even acknowledge understanding it. You don’t have to accept it, but at least see it’s there. And it didn’t sell out in seconds…it took about 5 hours due to poor electronic commerce infrastructure. Do you think it is that hard to fix the inconvenient purchasing problems Obey is having? It not, why does it exist?

  2. I know it took 5 hours. But if you think OG decided to upgrade to a new store with inventory JUST to slow down the process of selling prints, in order to build hype (nevermind the risk of frustrating customers into ranting on forums and blogs such as these), you, my friend, have a huge ax to grind.

    The wool is not over my eyes, it’s bunched up in your rear end.

    Why haven’t they fixed the issue? Who knows, I’m not going to speculate and toss out wild accusations. But yeah, I’m sure they can address the problem with the right people. But maybe Shep has the wrong people in place (it was an issue not too long ago). I mean, they sure did a shitty job designing it. I use the same cart on my site, and it looks so much better. Just something to chew on.

  3. And if you don’t remember, or were not around, the prints used to be up for seconds before they sold out, before they moved to the new system. The big problem then was lack of inventory.

  4. Autodactyl…sorry to say, but you are a typical fanboy…to a T

    The most common thing I’ve read across all these different message boards is people going “oh man it took me this much trouble to get, I better make $___ for it”. Would they say that if they just went on the site, bought and paid for it, and went on their way after 2 minutes?

  5. The real problem with ObeyGiant’s order process is that they are using the bloated and overly complex Zen Cart to handle their orders. If they custom built something with a good free lancer, they would be much better off as it would be built for their specific needs.

    At least they seem to be with Media Temple and on a Linux server, which is a good start.

  6. what people seem to miss is that OG has long been part of the establishment. he represents a brand, like Gap or Urban Outfitters.
    his brand sells ‘F%#k the system’ (or what not). for a white boy in the suburbs getting an OG print is an easy way to feel rebellious / empowered.
    but that doesn’t make OG evil– corporations don’t have any other motivation than expanding their own wealth.

  7. I think OG puts out the best prints ever. Shepard is so talented he makes prints that speak to the people. He has a message that affects all of us. Wether it is war, poverty or race divided. Hey Alex OG is not evil they are very popular and I think that is why he is getting so many haterzzzz. Just leave the kat alone.
    Long Live Obey.

  8. Cous Cous, I happen to know a good deal about Zen Cart and web design, and can tell, from simply looking at the design, that the people who put the site together are not that great. It’s obvious to anyone with even an ounce of this sort of knowledge.

    So I take those FACTS and come to the conclusion that OG just doesn’t have the right people in place when it comes to the technical web site side of things.

    Please, show me one FACT (definition: “the truth about events as opposed to interpretation”) that supports your theory, and I’ll shut up.

  9. I meant to say “the people who put the store together,” and not “the people who put the site together” (I assume they’re different people, as the original design of the site was pretty impressive; the new folks have actually ruined some of the original design, e.g. the text of the drop down menus).

  10. “The real problem with ObeyGiant’s order process is that they are using the bloated and overly complex Zen Cart to handle their orders.”

    This is very true. Took me many months to figure out Zen Cart, and I still have lots to learn.

  11. Autodactyl, how can there possibly be any “fact” that proves this? What would be the ideal fact for you that would satisfy proof?

  12. I rest my case.

  13. Autodactyl…you rest your case that you are a fanboy wearing rose-colored glasses?

    Where’s your facts that prove he doesn’t do this to drive hype?

  14. Oh, what an intelligent response! Can you say, ad hominem?

    P.S. I’m not the one making the wild accusations. When I make one, feel free to ask me that question again.

  15. Autodactyl, if I wanted to win the Special Olympics, I would have entered to compete in it. Good work resorting to name calling and calling me a homosexual. Real mature there.

  16. *yawn*


  18. I was at the art walk in downtown los angeles last night. I seen so many OBEY shirts. It was great. Shepard is the best artist of all time. We love you shep.

  19. Cous Cous…stop to think what you’re saying. You have no way of proving your argument, yet you still wanna go at it. You’re speculating about something you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! You’ve obviously come into the game in the past few months and haven’t been around to see the old site and it’s numerous problems.

    The site was upgraded in early ’07 and the main reason was that OG had to issue lots of refunds every week because the system was so whack. When the new site went up the first print for sale on the system took 7+ hours to sell because the site was messed up. It gradually got better, as they worked out the kinks. In the old system the old prints used to sell out in seconds(literally). That’s what Auto was talking about.

    I really think it’s funny that you think Shep is trying to create hype for his prints. Total BS and not even close to being right. Shepard freaked out and put up a response on his website to try and thwart the flippers six or so months ago. The prices got to be too much and lots of people were missing out. In his response he stated that he keeps the print prices low so they are affordable to the masses. He hates flipping and wants to stop it.

    In the old days I remember that I bought War for Sale without even knowing what it was. One had to act so fast back then because sometimes the print preview never even got to load. So tell me this…why does he need to create more hype when he hates the secondary market and his prints can sell out without people even knowing what they are? I don’t buy the kidrobot supply and demand theory here.

  20. OBEY GIANT…Can’t compete..The best ever

    Shepard over Mark Ryden any day…

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