Daniel Danger’s “Dr. Strange” Art Print Now Available

Daniel Danger’s Dr. Strange print for Gallery 1988’s Stan Lee show, Under the Influence, is now available for purchase.  It is a 7 color screenprint, measures 18″ x 32″, has an edition of 250, and costs $150.  These are being sold exclusively through the gallery.  You can purchase by sending them an email or calling (323) 937-7088.

15 Responses to “Daniel Danger’s “Dr. Strange” Art Print Now Available”

  1. Can we buy them from Dan Dange at a cheaper price?

  2. They are being sold EXCLUSIVELY by the gallery.

  3. Nah, Gallery ’98s are always spendy.
    But, at least it isn’t Copro Nason.

  4. Copro Nason is shit


  6. Gotta love DD’s work!

  7. What’s wrong with Copro Nason?

  8. i can’t wait to see this in person

  9. thats nice but too expensive

  10. I don’t think Copro is shit. I just think they have very expensive prints.

  11. Nice piece and as a Marvel fan and NYC resident I love it all the more. Wish it was a little cheaper of course, but that might be a must have.

  12. ordered. will look great w/ we were fortunate.

  13. I’ll be at the oppening tomorrow! hope to meet DD

  14. ouch!…….tooo much $

  15. all over this… well done DD!

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