Florian Bertmer “Baphomet” Art Prints at Deathwish

Deathwish Inc. just released two versions of a new art print by Florian Bertmer.  You may recognize Florian’s work from a whole slew of metal albums and merch, as well as his comparisons to Pushead.  Each version is 12″ x 32.5″, limited to 200 copies, and $30.  Oh yeah, and they were printed by Burlesque Design.  To purchase, visit Deathwishinc.com.

11 Responses to “Florian Bertmer “Baphomet” Art Prints at Deathwish”

  1. That goat’s got love handles, mazn

  2. WTF

  3. anyone else notice that there are differences in the two prints other than the colors?
    The crown, halo and the hair on the right side of the print.
    I really like something about these (probably the bare breasts), but couldn’t imagine hanging them up in my house. Ever.

  4. Perhaps you can give one to someone as a gag gift

  5. That’s hot. Well, other than the Satanic goat head.

  6. Wow domino, good eye! I didn’t notice that at all. I think what you really like about these is the fact that they are amazing. They are very impressive as far a screen prints go. The imagery is totally bizarre, but the detail and printing is awesome!

  7. How do you know what the printing is like? You’ve only seen the digital image.

  8. Maybe he has seen them? Burlesque printed them, I’m sure they’re sick.

  9. I think the better explanation is that he is pyschic

  10. There are images on the Deathwish site, and I’m psychic

  11. thats amazing, im getting that tattooed on me, sept ill have the moons and the snakes in there

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