New Art Prints by Justin Myer Staller

Justin Myer Staller, another part of Tiny Media Empire, has two new prints in his impressive “dot nude series”. Prints #6 and #7 are now available for purchase. They each have very small editions of 15, and the set costs $50. Furthermore, everyone that purchases a set will get a variant edition of #6. For […]

The Faded Line Clothing Company

Was just given the heads up about this awesome new clothing company, The Faded Line.  This company obtains the rights to produce clothing from some of the best poster artists, and it’s printed on nice, high quality textiles.  So far the line includes Emek, Todd Slater, Jeff Wood, and Jim Pollock.  So far, it looks […]

New Posters by Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout just posted his AMAZING new poster for a Big Trouble In Little China screening at the Alamo Drafthouse.  It is available in a regular edition of 300 for $30, or a blue GID variant edition of 40 for $55.  Either way, the thing is huge (24″ x 36″).  Additionally, Tyler has a new […]

New Art Print by WK Interact

Here is an awesome, HUGE new screenprint by NYC street artist WK Interact.  You don’t see alot of prints by him, so this one should do pretty well.  It is a 24″ x 40″ screenprint and has a signed/numbered edition of 100.  The price is $300.  They are being sold through Espeis Archetype Gallery in […]

New Jermaine Rogers Prints (Onsale Info)

Jermaine Rogers is set to release a brand new concert poster and art print tomorrow afternoon.  The first item up is the Denver/SLC Deftones poster.  It is a 30″ x 20″ screenprint, has an edition of 75, and costs $40.  Also released will be a new art print, “We Ruin Eachother”.  It is a huge […]

Grandpa Cyclops Art Print by Mark Mothersbaugh at Pressure Printing

Really, really cool new print by Mark Mothersbaugh, “Grandpa Cyclops”.  Pressure Printing produces some of the highest quality prints you will ever see, seriously.  This one is about 5″ x 3.5″, has an edition of 50, and comes in a beautiful frame with curved glass.  The price is $350.  Visit Also, Pressure Printing will […]

Arcade Fire European Tour Poster Set by Burlesque Design (Onsale Info)

Burlesque Design is set to release the four latest Arcade Fire posters by Wes tomorrow afternoon.  These will likely go fast, so be on top of your game.  The set includes the UK tour poster plus 3 different London prints.  The price is $132 shipped for the set.  These will go on sale tomorrow (Thursday, […]

Jamungo’s Chrome Sqube

Kidrobot just released a chrome version of Ferg and Jamungo’s Sqube.  The sqube is 4″ square, and this colorway is limited to about 275 pieces available.  The price is $49.95.  Visit

Winter’s Knight Art Print by Greg “Craola” Simkins

Gallery 1988 still has a few of Craola’s most recent art print, Winter’s Knight available for sale.  This print debuted the other night at the Vivisect Playset show.  It is a 16″ x 20″ giclee, has an edition of 75, and costs $150.  Call the gallery at (415) 409-1376 to secure one.

Alec Thibodeau’s Lunar Calendar at Tiny Showcase

These are almost sold out, but if you act fast, you just might be able to get one. Big ol’ lunar calendar by Alec Thibodeau. Letterpress, 19″ x 12″, Edition of 500. Price is $30. Visit

New Evan Hecox Art Print: “Mexico City”

If you are like me, you have been looking to grab an Evan Hecox print at regular price for what seems like an eternity.  Well dude, your day has come.  Mexico City is a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, signed/numbered in an edition of 100.  The price is $95.  Visit

New Methane Posters

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am a big fan of Methane Studios, and here are a couple of their newest posters.  Each is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint with a price of $25.  Awesome Christmas presents.  Visit

This Week’s Limited Edition BlueFlip Print: “Flying Tiger Barnstormer” by Meg Hunt

BlueFlip Art is continuing their weekly limited releases with this one by Meg Hunt, Flying Tiger Barnstormer.  It is a 6″ x 9″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and will cost $30.  If you like this style, but not this particular print, BlueFlip will also be releasing five other open-edition prints by Ms. Hunt […]

New Derek Hess Art Prints

Derek Hess has decided to reprint two of his most popular prints, “Hemorrhage” and “Valentine”, as offsets. If you’ve never seen Derek’s offset art prints before, they are really nice, printed on high quality, non-glossy paper. Both of these have editions of 300, and the price on each is $50. To purchase, visit

This Week’s Obey Print: POW

Here is this week’s Obey print, POW.  All proceeds for this will be donated to  Definitely an interested direction and message.  As usual, Obey prints come out on Tuesdays at 12pm PST.  Visit