Stan Lee Show At Gallery 1988

Wow. Here is the digital postcard for the upcoming Stan Lee tribute show at Gallery 1988. Pictured here is Daniel Danger’s homage to Dr. Strange, which will be made into a 7 color art print to be sold at the show (details are to come, don’t go emailing people about it yet). Anyway, keep your eye out for this show, it should be awesome. Check out some preview images over at G1988’s blog.

20 Responses to “Stan Lee Show At Gallery 1988”

  1. DD is really, really improving. I love that Dr. Strange.

  2. G1988 has a pretty cute postah chick:

  3. Is she legal?

  4. She looks at least 20.

  5. my guess is 24

  6. best print i’ve seen from this guy

  7. Kizzle is hot, to bad the art by the other people is not. DD’s is nice though.

  8. VERY NICE, I hope those DD Dr. Strange prints will be available to the general public at some point. DD’s ghosts really fit in well in this particular print.

  9. Is this for the LA or SF G1988?

  10. and will DD be there?

  11. LA. I don’t think it’s set it stone whether Daniel is going yet or not, but Stan Lee will be there!

  12. why the hell is this show not in NYC

  13. Because G1988 was smart enough to come up with it?

  14. NYC, yes please

  15. No way that chick is a day over 19.

  16. Such a classy joint I’m running here.

  17. this is freakin sweet…i would buy this poster!

  18. Are you sure that’s Daniel Danger’s artwork? He’s not even on the flyer, mazn!

  19. It’s most definitely his. He previewed that image in his last email

  20. I am sure one day Daniel Danger will be popular enough to have his name on promotional material.

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