Evan Hecox “Mexico City” Art Print, Version II

The second edition of  Evan Hecox’s “Mexico City” art print is now available for purchase.  They changed up the colors, and it looks pretty darn cool.  It is a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, signed/numbered in an edition of 100.  The price is $95.  Visit Arkitip.com.

9 Responses to “Evan Hecox “Mexico City” Art Print, Version II”

  1. i didn’t wait this time around and got my preorder in…. i actually like this color version better.

  2. good lookin out! now i don’t feel so bad about missing the first ed because i too like this color better

  3. I am a wee bit upsetsy….if they were going to do 2 editions, they could have at least announced it ahead of time. What’s next? A third, fourth, and fifth edition?

  4. I doubt it. I think Hecox has outgrown the 100 print run, and Arkitip has realized this. I would expect to see larger editions whenever his newer stuff is released. Either way, I’m happy to have finally gotten one, as I slept on the last one and really blew it on the large version of the Black Sun Over Los Angeles.

  5. I love it – I actually prefered the last one as I like bold bright colors ( I am like half bee or something) but glad to get this as the actual scene is so busy and draws you in, plus a an old beetle to top it off.
    Nice print !

  6. Couldn’t resist.

  7. this color way is much better. it makes the reds in the first one seem ridiculous

  8. Avacado! muy caliente!

  9. Dun did it, thanks for the info mcnail!!

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