New Art Prints by Justin Myer Staller

Justin Myer Staller, another part of Tiny Media Empire, has two new prints in his impressive “dot nude series”. Prints #6 and #7 are now available for purchase. They each have very small editions of 15, and the set costs $50. Furthermore, everyone that purchases a set will get a variant edition of #6. For more info on his prints, visit To purchase, shoot Justin an email.

Since these are potentially unsafe for work (they’re not bad), click here to expand the post and see images.



4 Responses to “New Art Prints by Justin Myer Staller”

  1. hotness, as usual.

    snag em before all the UK dudes do.

  2. more like canadians…

  3. We are part of the British commonwealth afterall.

  4. yeah thats why i wasn’t sure if i was going to comment. I didn’t want to come off all ingorant with my Canadian history…cheaper postage though…

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