Alec Thibodeau’s Lunar Calendar at Tiny Showcase

These are almost sold out, but if you act fast, you just might be able to get one. Big ol’ lunar calendar by Alec Thibodeau. Letterpress, 19″ x 12″, Edition of 500. Price is $30. Visit

7 Responses to “Alec Thibodeau’s Lunar Calendar at Tiny Showcase”

  1. Sold out now. Picked one up for my daughter’s room – looks very nice.

  2. Damn, sorry I missed that one. Nicest Tiny Showcase in awhile

  3. Congrats to people that got it, I’m surprised an edition of 500 went that fast.

  4. Awesome print, Alec is a great artist, get on his mailing list if you aren’t already!

  5. sofa king sweet!

  6. If anyone got an extra would love one

  7. I really want one
    who bought extras???

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