New Posters and Art Prints at Methane Studios

Methane Studios just posted a handful of new stuff on their site.  Concert posters for The New Pornographers and The Donnas are available, as well as uncut or individual New Pornographers handbills.  In addition, they also printed up a small art print version of the Donnas poster, available in two sizes and only $10.  To check stuff out, visit

10 Responses to “New Posters and Art Prints at Methane Studios”

  1. Well would ya look at that. Methane still ruling. Who woulda thunkit.

  2. Methane gets no respect.

  3. maybe everyones too awed to say anything.

    I like the wordless william morris tiger.

  4. They are cool images, and yet I be tiring of “concert posters”…

  5. Blasphemer!

  6. I’m with Tool, I just don’t see the appeal.

  7. You don’t see the appeal of concert posters? Sigh.

  8. That tiger will be on a shirt within 3 months.

  9. 3 months? thats along time and it will be the middle of winter so it better be a long sleeve shirt.

  10. I think the appeal is that these guys are making artwork (concert posters and art prints and t shirts) that is twice as original and ten times better than half the shit people out there are soiling there drawers over. Don’t believe me just ask Dave Matthews Band.

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