Arcade Fire Poster Sets by Burlesque Design (Onsale Info)

Burlesque is gearing up to release their North American Arcade Fire poster sets tomorrow, and these should go pretty fast.  The four poster set includes New York, West Coast, Midwest, and Red Rocks prints.  They will only be sold as complete sets, and the price will be $132 shipped/insured.  The onsale time is tomorrow (Wednesday, November 7) at 12pm CST.  Visit to purchase.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. For some reason I thought these weren’t going up for another week. I would have been seriously bummed

  2. Anyone know the edition these?

  3. Awesome. Methinks the edition size is around 750 on each print.

  4. Wow… what a steal. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Anyone else having a hard time finding them on the site?

  6. They are up on the front page of the store, J.P.

  7. Holy shit and now gone. Sorry.

  8. That was fast…

  9. They have different edition sizes. Red Rocks was 440. U.S. Central was 630. And so on and so forth.


  10. I was surfing that site since the sale started and they didn’t even show up until they were sold out. Bummer.

  11. guess I got lucky, very nice

  12. I am fairly pleased about snagging a set, especially after missing out on the Boris blue variant last week.

  13. Lucky indeed. Congrats on the grab.

    If you hear of anybody having to sell theirs, drop me a line if you don’t mind.

  14. same thing happened to me, i was waiting on the site, refreshing every min, and when it finally showed up, poof, gone.

  15. Managed to snag a set of these too. The first, second and fourth prints are beautiful. Really not digging the third one though, seems a bit all over the place. Maybe it’ll look better in person?

  16. ^^^
    Check out this…

  17. Oh wow, thanks for that link. Explains why it looks so crazy.

  18. Wasn’t expecting these to be so hard to get. I refreshed the site at 11:58, there they were, bought em, checked out, no problem. Even paused for a few minutes to review some spreads with my boss.

    I like the other side of the third one better than the “front” of it. It’s one color and doesn’t look as “all over the place”. Thats just my opinion but it is, of course, absolutely correct.

  19. i had no problem getting the set. site ran flawless

  20. I’m framing both sides of the U.S. Central print and hanging them next to each other. But then again, I’m a fucking weirdo.


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