Shepard Fairey Stolenspace Pictures

Vinyl Pulse just posted a huge load of pictures from Shepard Fairey’s new gallery show in the UK, Nineteeneightyfouria.  His gallery work is stunning, and this is a very impressive lot of images.  Visit to check them out.

4 Responses to “Shepard Fairey Stolenspace Pictures”

  1. nice stuff

  2. i don’t understand – aren’t you supposed to come out w/new stuff for a “show”? or is it just reproducing the same ‘ol

  3. Reply To Wanksta:
    His originals are usually in runs of 5 or 6, so he can put on shows all over the world.
    It gives more people a better chance to see and buy his original work.

  4. So can you actually buy prints from the art shows at a reasonable price?

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