New Audrey Kawasaki Print: “Mizuame” (Onsale Info)

Audrey Kawasaki is set to release a new print next week, Mizuame. It is a 16″ x 20″ giclee and $100. She is trying something different this time, setting the edition size as however many prints sell in an hour. To purchase, send an email at 3pm PST on Saturday, November 3rd. Click here for more info.

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  1. I’m glad she is trying this method, it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Now I know I can get one for sure!

  2. Any guesses how big the edition will be? 2000?

  3. edition of one hundred buh-glock

  4. Obviously the edition number isn’t set. Read the paragraph.

    This semi-open edition is a HORRIBLE idea. She is completely ignoring the fact that a lot of people purchase art prints primarily because they are limited. In simple economic terms, she is making an endless supply (albeit briefly), which will drive demand down.

    In the end, I think she will be unpleasantly surprised by how few of these she will sell, and everyone will be worse off because of this.

  5. Oh, Marty. I think it is a pretty interesting onsale concept.

  6. I Like The Idea Of This Method Not For All Pieces But For Every Once In A While The Only People That Lose On This One Are The Scalpers So Cry Away Scalpers!

  7. It will kill the immediate aftermarket, but she will make more money, so its a good idea. There will still be n00bz that sleep on this and still end up paying $400 on ebay for it the next day.

  8. “Obviously the edition number isn’t set. Read the paragraph.”

    I know the edition number is not currently set. I was just wondering how many prints do you think she will end up producing and what will the final edition count be. She’s only going to produce as many prints as she can sell in one hour.

  9. *what you guys think the final edition count will be

  10. I think it’s a fantastic idea from her perspective. I assume that she doesn’t really care what the resale value is, she just wants everyone who wants a print to get one. This one won’t be as valuable to the consumer, but if you like the artwork, it shouldn’t matter much.

    Not saying I haven’t bought prints to resell, because it helps me get more expensive prints that I want to keep, but I do think that it’s a good idea for a bigger artist to do something like this every once in awhile so that everyone has an equal shot at getting the piece.

  11. this is a great idea! One hour is not a very long amount of time and the print is affordable. I have not been lucky enough to get one in the past and now i know I can.

  12. i like the idea….if POW did this for Trolley’s, they would have to print like 200,000 prints. (i am taking into account the fact that flippers would stay away)

  13. Marty, spoken like a true flipper.


  15. I love how you ignorant fools think artists don’t enjoy the secondary market. Even if most of them don’t realize it, they do love it. The secondary market is the main reason that someone like Audrey Kawasaki isn’t waiting tables right now.

    Whether or not I flip pieces is irrelevant. What is relevant is that I wouldn’t buy this piece because there simply is NO exclusivity to it. Anyone who wants one can get one, and for me (and a lot of others) that diminishes the desireability of a piece like this.

    The thing that most of you are overlooking is that I am speaking tried and true economics here… When you increase supply (temporarily unlimited), demand will always always always decrease.

  16. Even if most of them don’t realize it, they do love it?

    Audrey Kawasaki isn’t waiting tables right now because of the secondary market?

    I’m sure that sounded more smarter when you were rehearsing it in your head. Try again, Marty.

  17. Temporarily unlimited? Sorry, I missed that chapter in my high school economics textbook.

  18. I’ll be here all night.

  19. I took econ in college bitch.

  20. More smarter…!!

  21. Tried and true economics you ignorant fools. Act like you know.

  22. I would laugh and laugh if it turns out the edition will be like 17 or something and those who didn’t buy because they fear a large run missed out

  23. Marty, take a hike. No one cares about your opinion.

  24. “What is relevant is that I wouldn’t buy this piece because there simply is NO exclusivity to it”

    anyone else buy art because it looks good? no? just me? fuck.

  25. you’re not alone DD…

  26. I think that it’s a nice gesture to fans who wouldn’t be able to get one of the limited edition prints. It’s a waste of time for the flippers, but maybe she doesn’t give a shit about hurting their feelings or profit margins for once.

  27. I’m happy some of you guys took economics in college. Bully for you. But parading around this site calling people
    “ignorant?” Come on. Opinions are opinions and resorting to name calling is just silly.

    Considering she said this isn’t going to be done very often, I think it’s a wonderful idea. As stated above, this is about the art, not the long term value. This way everyone has a shot at getting a well made piece of art from their beloved Audrey. It’s an artist showing appreciation for her fans. We should applaud her actions.

    Lastly, saying the artists appreciate the secondary market is far from the truth. Why do you think Mark Ryden sells portfolios every so often? Furthermore, why would he sell them in edition of 10,000? Why would Ms. Kawasaki go out of her way to ensure everyone who wants a piece can get a one for a reasonable price? These artists are quite aware of the action taking place. Can you truly tell me an artist is excited that someone is making a living off their work while their true fans get the shaft? Doubtful.

    This won’t hurt her a bit. She makes a few bucks and everyone is happy. Bravo.

  28. Art is about economics not aesthetics you ignorant fools.

  29. Like Frank Lucas says, “See, ya are what ya are in this world. That’s either one of two things: Either you’re a flipper, or you ain’t nobody.”

  30. I Can Not Wait To Get This Piece As I Think Its One Of Her Best Ones Yet And I Do Not Care What The Edition Size Is As I Buy Art That I Like And Want To Keep And Display If I Want To Invest Id Put The Money In An Ira Or 401k Also This Will Be My First Audrey Piece The Only Other One I Really Liked So Far Was Memai But Got Shut Out On That

  31. This is very strange to me. I love how no one pointed out why I was wrong, everyone just made ad hoc attacks saying I’m an idiot and other things of that ilk.

    The secondary art market is to artists as underage drinking is to beer manufacturers. Of course they have to publicly denounce those “abhorations,” but the truth is that the secondary market and underage drinking are what drive those respective markets.

    If anyone wants to make an actual argument against anything I say, or if anyone would like to point out which of my premises were incorrect, feel free to do so. As for retyping something and putting a question mark behind it–that isn’t a counterpoint by any stroke of the imagination.

    Enjoy believing the hype. It’s people like you that make me rich.

  32. Don’t kid yourself, rich people don’t post on this site.

  33. marty – i’m not sure how you can say the secondary market benefits audrey in any way. when she sells a print for $35 and makes maybe $15 and a flipper sells it for $350 for a $300 dollar profit, audrey doesn’t see a dime. she is popular because she is good, not because someone is willing to pay 1000% mark up on ebay.

    considering some of her true fans have been unsuccessful in getting a print for over a year, i guarantee audrey is more worried about making them happy than what the flippers will think. this is just a single print, i’m sure there will be many others after this that the flippers can (and will) screw us over.

    she only paints 40-50 paintings a year and has at least that many people on the waiting list for each show. she’s booked through 2010 so she won’t be waiting tables any time soon.

  34. If her prints weren’t automatically worth more than what she sells them for, it might take editions a year to sell out. She benefits from the secondary market because any time she wants, she can release a print and sell it out within an hour. Unequivocally, this would not be the case if her art had no secondary market.

    I love how you people are in love with the notion that art “ought” to be in the hands of people who truly appreciate it. That defies the purpose of art. The artist can not (and should not try to) dictate what their pieces mean to people. Some people love the beauty, while other people love the desireability and value that the art represents. Even flippers value the art they have–they just love it for different reasons than “true fans.”

  35. I like the secondary market. It allows me obtain things that I would not normally have had a chance at or missed out on. Yeah, I’m paying more than it’s original cost, but that’s up to me to determine it’s value.

  36. “The secondary market is the main reason that someone like Audrey Kawasaki isn’t waiting tables right now.”

    The secondary market is an effect of the popularity of the art, not the cause of it. There are more people that want the art then people that want to flip it, otherwise flipping would not be possible.

    No one is admonishing you for being a flipper, so don’t take it personally. You seem to have a problem with people that buy art because they like it, do you know something we don’t?

    As for making something “temporarily unlimited” always (always always) driving down demand, I guess we will see. Is there a precedent for this kind of release? I am guessing she will sell plenty, and could give a shit that you are butthurt about it, but thats just my prediction.

    “What is relevant is that I wouldn’t buy this piece because there simply is NO exclusivity to it.”

    That isn’t relevant. Nobody cares that you aren’t going to buy one.

  37. in case anyone was wondering, theres a particularly gorgeous sunset going on right now.

  38. Oh Danny, you’re so emo!

  39. DD that was great, change up the mood of the topic.

    Who cares who gets one, makes a profit from an art piece, is a true fan, blah,blah,blah!!

  40. my wife made me buy one, and I don’t think she gives 2 shites about resale value.

  41. Abe Vigoda wouldn’t say shite.

  42. point taken

  43. Arguing on the internet isn’t cool anymore?

  44. Personally, I have realized that fighting is counter-intuiative to my goals, therefore I will make every effort to communicate amicably in the hopes that a peaceful solution can be found in any and all disagreements. xoxo – Fish

  45. Marty is so in love with himself. Good for him.

  46. the art and its popularity makes the secondary market, not the other way around.

  47. hmm, i bought this piece, the first time i was able to purchase directly from audrey’s website, and i bought it because i actually really like this pariticular image.. but i do have to admit it won’t feel quite as special b/c of the large edition size…. i’m personally a bit torn on how i feel about flipping… i don’t like that the flippers usually beat me to buying these giclees when they’re first released (i’m practicing getting faster hitting that dang paypal button) but at the same time if it weren’t for the secondary market i wouldn’t own half the pieces i have, plus it does make them a bit more special, knowing they’re in such high demand. but i still like that she did this once, i’m glad it was for mizuame and not memai, as memai is my favorite of the two.. 😛

  48. Flipping is a fact of life. No one likes middlemen, they are insignificant little fucks that add little if any value at all. You can sit around and complain about it but really it isn’t going to cure a thing. It is a way for a bunch of folks to turn a very inefficient profit. If they spent as much time and effort doing nearly anything else they could make more money.

    Really, the artist should charge significantly more and take more of that money home. But hey this is world that we live in.

  49. So much hate towards flippers. I’m being generous and let’s say flippers represent a third of the purchases. Do you really think that the third of the edition going to “true fans” will holistically increase your odds of getting that print? Your odds at getting the print increased from 1% to 1.5%. Yippy do!

    Say you were passed out from the night before or the print was only offered to certain countries and that print you HAD to have. Who do you turn to? Flippers.

    Sure, some could say they’re not deserving of the profits they earn, but they’re not the sole reason you didn’t get the print sleepyhead fat fingers.

    And why the fuck is this rant on Mizaume, the unlimited limited?

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