New Dave Kinsey Print: “Terminal Solipsism”

BLK/MRKT Gallery just released this brand new art print by Dave Kinsey, Terminal Solipsism.  It is a 9 color screenprint, 18″ x 24″, has an edition of 225, and costs $125.  To purchase, move quickly over to

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  1. just b/c you can raise the price, doesn’t mean you should raise the price. my 2 cents.

  2. Yeah, this was $50 at his show opening this past weekend, which I must add was amazing. I got there 2 hours after it opened and all but two pieces had sold. The pieces ranged from $2,500 to $45,000. I have pictures if anybody would like to see some.

  3. that’s wack! I love his work though. 🙂

  4. Hey Ryan, can you send me those pics, or link me to them? Yes the show was very cool, but I forgot my camera!

  5. pass…

  6. the $50 was a special price for people that made the trip to the show, like a thank you gesture – they didn’t raise the price (it’s a 9-color print) – they lowered it for the opening.

  7. ^ I am referring to the general incline in prices over the last few releases.

  8. Yeah, not talking crap at all, and realize that it was just an extra treat in going to the show. Just framed this today and it looks fantastic and will look sweet next to Momentum.

  9. “just b/c you can raise the price, doesn’t mean you should raise the price. my 2 cents.”

    so says the flipper……..

  10. love the new kinsey stuff. Ryan, you should email those pics to Mitch the blog admin, maybe he’ll post them.

  11. I hit it…

  12. I bought one and you should too.

  13. this print is sick! I just found where he incorporated “bust” into the image. 125 is quite a bit, but for a quality 9color image, not too bad. (good thing I got mine for 50)

  14. “bust”?

  15. I’ll get the pictures on to my comp later tonight and send them to both mitch and to whoever else happens to want to see them.

  16. “just b/c you can raise the price, doesn’t mean you should raise the price. my 2 cents.”

    I’m all for artists getting paid what they’re worth. And Kinsey is worth every penny he charges.

    Perhaps you should start looking at his prints as a long-term investment instead of something you plan to make a quick $30 for on eBay.

    Or God forbid you become interested in them for something other than their monetary value. My 2¢.

    Ryan, I would certainly like to see the above mentioned pictures. if you wouldn’t mind sending them to roypenland at hotmail dot com , I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

  17. can you send them to deortiz at hotmail dot com too… I ordered it, but am impatient.

  18. I think $125 is a fair price, his work is ridiculous and it prevents people from flipping them…

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