Josh Keyes at Limited Addiction Gallery (Preview)

Limited Addiction just posted the preview for the Josh Keyes show which opens on October 20. If you didn’t get the email about it, you are probably too late, as the preview list is very, very extensive. Limited Addiction will also be releasing a new print edition, Tic Toc. This will be an 18″ x 24″ Giclee, have an edition of 50, and be $185. They are being sold through the preview and at the show, but some will be sold on their site in the near future, so don’t freak out (I will keep you updated). Bottom line is, if you didn’t get the email about the preview list, just consider this eye candy. Don’t go emailing them trying to get bumped up the list. See it all at

The Print:

EDIT: I got so excited about the new Josh Keyes show that I forgot to mention that it is a split show with another great artist, Oliver Vernon.  Click the link at the top, you’ll like his stuff. 

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  1. That print in the post will be available at the opening tonight.

  2. The print has come and gone.

  3. Yeah, guess they decided to do it completely unannounced.

  4. Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments on my work, I am glad some of you like it.



  5. “Don’t go emailing them trying to get bumped up the list.” … Well, I emailed them anyway, and yesterday, they sent me an email 20 minutes before the ‘time’ that said: “The Josh Keyes “Tic Toc” print will be added to our Webstore this morning at 10:45 Colorado time. Please do not post this information anywhere- we’d like everyone that inquired to get a shot at picking this up.” And it was… well, actually, it was around 11:50am Colorado time, but that’s what happened. I’m psyched to get it.

  6. Glad to hear it. At the time this was written, they were being flooded with requests for originals off of the preview list, so I was trying to reduce their clutter, since the prints weren’t for sale yet.

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