In case you were wondering….

I have been in the process of moving over the last few days.  Blog operations should fully resume later today.  Sorry for the lack of updates.

15 Responses to “In case you were wondering….”

  1. Where you moving dude?

  2. No excuse.

  3. I think he’s just moving to a new place in Iowa City. Good luck with the move Mitch

  4. How long does it take to move?


  5. my weekend felt empty without the updates

  6. Iowa City? Why the hell would you live there?

  7. School.

  8. still, who goes to school in iowa city?! i’d help you move if you were near since then i could get them updates. but i’m not so i can’t so speed thangs up!

  9. With teh internets, anything is possible!

  10. For reals, school in Iowa? I didn’t know they had schools in Iowa.

  11. we need our update fix!

  12. did you find a place on the peninsula?

  13. There is internets in Iowa City???! 😮


  14. no excuses

  15. There’s teh Intarweb in Iowa City!!

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