New Jermaine Rogers Prints and Toys (Onsale Info)

Jermaine has a handful of new stuff coming out, here’s the rundown: Prints (Onsale Thursday, Sept. 20 at 1pm PST) Dinosaur Jr. Poster – Edition of 75, $40. Chino and The Lepus (art version of promotional STAGR print) – Edition of 60, $35 Used (K Cobain) Mini Print – Edition of 90, $30 There will […]

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Julie Morstad

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase print will be by Julie Morstad, an artist with some very interesting work.  As always, this will come out tonight at 7:30 pm EST.  The edition will be 100 and the price will be low.  To purchase, visit Tiny Showcase doesn’t preview their prints, but here is some of Julie Morstad’s […]

Grizzly Bear Poster by Nate Duval / Jon Smith

When Nate Duval and Jon Smith get together, some pretty cool stuff happens. This Grizzly Bear poster is now available, and it’s some of the craziest use of CMY I’ve seen in awhile. 18″ x 18″, edition of 80, $20. To purchase, visit the Classifieds.

Leia Bell Hedgehog Art Print

Leia Bell just released an art print version of her Jason Mraz poster from awhile back.  This little beauty is 11.5″ x 15.5″, has an edition of 103, and costs $18.  To purchase, visit

New Mike Klay Print: “Star Trail”

Mike Klay has used photos taken on a backpacking trip to develop this new glow in the dark art print, Star Trail.  The print is 18″ x 24″ and a signed/numbered edition of 60.  The price is $35.  There is also a version available on wood, this one is an edition of 10 and costs […]

New Cameron Tiede Print: “Innocuous Inferno”

Cameron Tiede has a brand new print available on his blog, and it’s pretty damn cool.  Even if you don’t know Cameron by name, you have probably seen his art before, as he has done work for huge companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., etc.    This print, “innocuous inferno” is a is a 17″ x […]

Eleanor Grosch Clocks at Urban Outfitters

Poster and print artist Eleanor Grosch has really been blowing up lately and expanding into new projects, most recently this line of clocks for Urban Outfitters.  For $28, you can have a girlfriend/wife-approved clock designed by Ms. Grosch.  To purchase, visit To see more of Eleanor’s work, visit

Mear One “David and Goliath” Release Reminder

Just a quick reminder that Mear One’s 11 color screenprint, David and Goliath comes out today.  To purchase, send Baurmann Gallery an email at 1pm PST requesting a print.  All of the info is here.

Leia Bell “The Business of Ferrets” at Richard Goodall Gallery (Preview Info)

Leia Bell has a show of paintings and prints coming up at Richard Goodall Gallery in the UK.  The show starts September 29, and Leia will be at the opening signing and drawing.  For those of us not in the UK, RGG will be compiling an online preview list.   To get on the list, RSVP […]

Exclusive: New Daniel Danger Pinback Poster

DD fanboys rejoice! You heard it here first! Daniel was nice enough to send over an image of a new poster he did for the band Pinback. He won’t have these for sale for awhile (the show is the 21st, but it probably won’t be available till October, I’ll keep you posted). Dan’s work is […]

Lindsey Kuhn’s Monkey Skull 9″ BUD

Lindsey Kuhn just teamed up with Jamungo to release this amazing new 9″ Monkey Skull Blow Up Doll (BUD).  Only 250 were made, and 75 of them are now available at Lindsey’s site, Swampco.  The figure comes signed and includes a free sticker pack.  The price is $60.  To purchase, visit

New Ferg Print Coming

Ferg (a total OMG favorite) just posted this image of a future print over at Gigposters.  He only gave this info:  “Soon to be a print.  It will be LARGE.”  It’s nice to see some new print work out of Ferg, dude is going places.  I will keep you updated on the release.  Until then, […]

Max Grundy x Doug Dorr Collaborative Print

Max Grundy just released a new print, this time it’s a collaboration with pinstripe artist Doug Dorr.  This is a giclee on canvas, 13″ x 19″, has an edition of 50, and only costs $45.  To purchase, visit

Next Week’s Obey Print: “War is Over”

Well, looks like we got a little present, an earlier than usual preview of next week’s Obey print, War is Over.  This one seems pretty cool to me, looks like a couple weeks off really helped the quality over there.  Like all Obey prints, this will come out on Tuesday at noon PST.  Visit […]

Scott Campbell’s Showdown Series Pt. 2

Remember the awesome Showdown Series print set by Scott Campbell that everyone was talking about?  Well, lucky for everyone, there is a second one coming out.  Movies featured include 2001, Predator, The Exorcist, Fistfull of Dollars, and the Goonies.  The 5 print set will go on sale September 20, info will be posted on  […]