Kidrobot Dunny Series 4 Comes Out Today!

Well, today is the day.  Kidrobot is poised to release their most impressive series of the Dunny yet, and it should be a mad scramble.  The 3″ figures, this time by artists such as Tara McPherson, Mike Davis, Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Michael Michael Motorcycle, and a bunch more, are sure to be Kidrobot’s biggest hit of the season.  The price will be $6.95 per blind box, with 24 boxes per case.  The release time is today (Thursday, Sept. 27) at 11am EST.  To purchase, visit

10 Responses to “Kidrobot Dunny Series 4 Comes Out Today!”

  1. they all are identical, just with different paint??

  2. Yeah dude, platform toy. The most popular designer toy out there, in fact.

  3. Never could understand why though. That cheeseburger one is def. radical though

  4. yeah i just don’t get it. i’ll admit they are very popular though. only ones i’ve ever been tempted to get are the horkey designs and even then there’s no way i’m buying blind boxes to try and get one.

  5. who buys this crap!

  6. your mom

  7. funny guy…….go play with your toys

  8. at least i don’t play with pigeons!


  10. Ian Dingman released some new OGs on his site you nutters:

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