Practice Makes Perfect … And Other Lies (ooo000ooo Show at Rotofugi)

This is some news that has me very excited.  ooo000ooo (aka Brian Morris) has a show coming up at Rotofugi in Chicago on October 5th.  It will include drawings and some of Brian’s famous custom toys.  If you are interested in anything, or can’t make it to the opening, send Rotofugi an email and request to get put on the preview list.  This should be some great work.

6 Responses to “Practice Makes Perfect … And Other Lies (ooo000ooo Show at Rotofugi)”

  1. Sweet drawing. Why’s it look all bitmapped and whatnot?

  2. Because I’m a hack.

  3. actually – i think it’s a scaling thing…

  4. What toys are dropping?

  5. Just some one-off customs. Get on the preview list.

  6. ITs quite possibly because it was scaled down from a larger Gif while still in “index” color mode in Photoshop. This results in that pixly look.

    Or it could just be because Brian does all his drawings in MSPaint. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!

    I’m excited to see this work Brian. You rule school

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