Leia Bell Preview Going Live Today!

The online preview / purchase opportunity for Leia Bell’s upcoming show at Richard Goodall Gallery, The Business of Ferrets, will go live sometime today. There will be sketches, paintings, and prints for sale. No set time was given, so check RichardGoodallGallery.com throughout the day.

7 Responses to “Leia Bell Preview Going Live Today!”

  1. Her work is very emo girly-ish

  2. Drawings are up now – paintings tomorrow

  3. Emo girly-ish? Do emo girls draw a certain way? Please cite at least 5 examples.

  4. i don’t know about emo girly-ish but i certainly don’t “get” her art.

  5. i’m not saying she is emo girly-ish…i am saying the art is

  6. Like art that only emo girls would like? Please cite specific examples. And also post pictures of Suicide Girls. Thanks.


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