New Amy Sol Prints Available

Copro Nason Gallery just released two brand new Amy Sol prints, each giclees printed on wood.  They each have an edition of 50, come framed, and are $465.  To purchase, visit

“Leaving Downey Cloud Island” 

“Seapony of the Moonlight Pond”

7 Responses to “New Amy Sol Prints Available”

  1. The bottom one is amazing.

  2. spensive.

  3. Amy Sol’s work always makes me die. I wish I wasn’t a poor grad student — her art is exquisite.

  4. yea bottom one’s awesome. but damnnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. as in the price…

  6. i can confirm that the bottom one looks absolutely amazing in person but i’ll pass at that price. i also think the frames are pretty hideous but all of the frames at her copro show last month looked like that.

  7. she did the framing herself. as evidenced by her lj.

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