Next Week’s Obey Print: Fiend Rocker

Obey brought back the Andre face for the next print, Fiend Rocker.  This will be available in two colorways and should be a pretty hot item (maybe?).  To get in on the action, set your internal alarm for this Tuesday at noon PST.  Visit

21 Responses to “Next Week’s Obey Print: Fiend Rocker”

  1. it works..

    but thats like 5% andre face, 80% misfits skull, and 15% bad hair.

  2. yuck! passing on this…

  3. I’m still f*cking pissed about this week’s print, however I might try for these just to see if it’s as jacked up as last week’s effort was. By all rights I should have gotten a War is Over print, but I’m sure as hell not buying on eBay.

  4. ugly as sin, IMO.

  5. This is a little too scary for me. It would give me serious nightmares.
    Hey Plastic Robot, I feel for ya man. I must have gotten to the confirm order stage like three times and every time I clicked the button it crapped out. I didn’t end up getting one either. I felt totally cheated man. I did however manage to get a sunset and a peace tree, so I figure I pretty much got the best he has had to offer so far this year. I think he is probably going to drop a bomb or two before the end of the year. Let’s hope so anyway

  6. I got one.

  7. srsly?

  8. fo sho

  9. I hate fairey

  10. garbage imo…

  11. yo . . im seriously thinking about buying this set as an investment to sell on ebay. . . should i? ? i know its kinda ugly but who cares lol

  12. I made a good amount of money off OBEY this year. A shameful amount.

  13. Looks like the Geico caveman


  15. I really don’t think that this is going to be as popular as war is over. I’m thinking about selling my war is over though considering that I saw 2 on ebay hit 129 and 115. But as an investment, i think one might make a little profit (doesn’t have too great of buzz from the sites I go to), probably like the afro. you get a little bit of profit.

  16. “Who is Andre?”


    Andre is Legion, for he is many.

  17. The more I see this image, the stupider it gets.

  18. tipsy what the hell are you talking about

  19. i think I may have just sold my soul this past Tuesday…

  20. How much did you sell it for PLASTIC ROBOT and to whom?

  21. Hah! It sold for the low price of $84 to some Obey guy.

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