New Mike Klay Print: “Star Trail”

Mike Klay has used photos taken on a backpacking trip to develop this new glow in the dark art print, Star Trail.  The print is 18″ x 24″ and a signed/numbered edition of 60.  The price is $35.  There is also a version available on wood, this one is an edition of 10 and costs $100.  To purchase, visit the classifieds.

What they look like in the dark:

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  1. Controversy! Scandal!

  2. Is this that biter dude? Now he even copies the GID print idea?

  3. we all look better in the dark

  4. Not me. The darkness stifles the power of my chiseled jawline.

  5. Booooooooring. A lazy lazy lazy attempt at something Mccarthys done fifty times before and five hundred times better. Weak.

  6. wow, jeeze.

    so much for the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all”

    before posting up a negative comment, how about posting a link to your work?

  7. i’m with mike, damn! harsh around here!

    anything that shows star trails is cool with me.

  8. Actually, whoever said it’s a McCarthy rip-off was right on the money. If I want a McCarthy, I’ll buy one, not a second-rate knock-off. Next.

  9. those paypal e-mails with purchases and $$ don’t look very second rate to me.

  10. Knock down this wall of sensitivity with negativity.

  11. Mike, since you’re on the boards here, does the wood panel version glow as brightly at night as the non-wood version? Thx

  12. “those paypal e-mails with purchases and $$ don’t look very second rate to me”

    So it’s just about the $$? Hmmm…

  13. actually aric,

    it’s about having fun and learning new tricks while screenprinting.
    why do i screenprint my own stuff? because it’s damn fun. and i’m proud of the products i produce.

    the general public seems to like them as well and i love being able to share something i create with them.

    B- the wood version glows just as brightly as the paper version. i’m putting up another image in the classified today with the clear coat on them.

  14. There are examples of art imitating life and life imitating art, but I’m pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty sure this is a blatant example of art imitating art.

  15. I really like it on the wood, but $100 seems kind of steep. I am going to see if I can swing it though. It would look awesome up at the cottage.

  16. ^ q4t

  17. Wow. I mean, i knew where getting inspiration from D.M. with some of your earlier stuff but this…

    You should have just photocopied “everything became nothing” and sold its as your own. It’s fine to have similar styles but your ripping of Dan 100%. I Hope no one buys this shit you call your own

  18. Takes one to know one Smuk

  19. Some of these comments are completely uncalled for. Admin, get your act together brother. You should not allow people to post such negative remarks. I understand some people’s position, but it is not like McCarthy has a patent on Pine Trees or glow in the dark paint. I have a good idea, why don’t we alienate a young graphic designer/artist who is trying to develop his style by experimenting with different mediums?? That sounds like a great idea, yeah!

  20. This is going to look killer at the cottage along with my wood Visual Technicians Johnny Cash. Thanks Mike. Cheers Smuk!

  21. I generally only delete comments that are hateful or overly vulgar. Blogs and the internet are tools of free speech, and that is something I strongly believe in. Noone is attacking anyone personally, and I can’t just delete comments based on people not liking the work.

  22. None of these comments is uncalled for. The artwork is posted here for discussion. Some people feel a certain way, if you feel differently, you are welcome to state so. Any graphic designer/artist who feels “alienated” by a bunch of random comments from anonymous people on the internet needs to grow a thicker skin. I’m sure Mike is doing just fine. You should be thanking Mitch for creating an open forum where people can argue about this bullshit, not telling him to “get his act together”.

  23. Admin is sensitive, but not THAT sensitive, sheesh.

  24. Mike’s work is comparable to Dan’s, for sure
    People have a right to make the observation, and Mitch is right to allow their comments to stay here.
    Dan’s stuff is awesome, but I really like Mike’s stuff too. I would be pretty happy if I could be inspired to create anything artistic.
    Nice work Mike.

  25. I do believe everyone has a right to their opinion. I will say that Mike has done tons of other works that stand very much on their own ( So much focus being brought on a single piece that really doesn’t paint a complete picture. Anyways, my 2 cents.

  26. I am all for free speech and people should have the right to voice their opinions, but I feel that comments like this “I Hope no one buys this shit you call your own” somehow seem over the top, especially when the artist is present. In hindsight “alienate” was not the correct term to describe the so called discussion that has taken place in this thread, but certainly insult is an appropriate term to describe some of the comments that appear above. OMG is my homepage and I have nothing but respect for Mitch. I was not commenting on the site or the amazing contribution that Mitch makes to this community, however I do believe that as the administrator of this site he has a certain responsibility to ensure that the artists work that he posts does not get criticized to the point of insult. The real issue for me is that Mike is, or was present in this thread and when people begin bashing his work to the point of insult it does indeed become VERY personal.

  27. so dice was having a bad day. notice he didn’t put up a link to his/her own work. says something right there. there are tons of negative people in this world and i have chosen to ignore them a long time ago.

    i’ve got a thick skin on me from the forums, so a couple negative comments get brushed right off my shoulder, especially when people say i steal other people’s work. i know how long it took me and how much work i’ve put into a piece, and that’s all that matters.

    big thanks to everyone that has supported what i’ve done in the past. all i can do is continue what i’ve been doing over the past 4 years and push my screenprinting/design techniques even further.

  28. So you are all for free speech but you don’t believe people should be able to insult each other? Admin is doing fine keeping the hooligans in line. This is the internet, not the debate club.

  29. You got served.

  30. Call me an A-hole if y’all like, but I think the only part of that design that took much work was the backpacking.

  31. We won’t call you an A-hole because that would be insulting your person. We will only insult your posters here at OMGPosters.

  32. The idea of free speech is not for people to insult one another. Yes, absolutely I believe in free speech, however I also believe in a little thing called judgment and common decency. Would you think it acceptable for someone to make racist slurs in an internet forum? There are varying levels of sensibility and sensitivity towards others. I suppose my level is simply more acute than some others around here. In my opinion people could have made the same points without resorting to childish insults.

  33. I thought we already established that if it was racist or hateful, I would delete it. Also, if people were attacking MIke’s person, I would not allow it. Letting people criticize artwork is what art sites and blogs are about.

    Mike seems fine, I don’t think you need to act like his personal keeper. He’s selling plenty, I’m sure.

  34. I’m Canadian

  35. ^ where’s your cottage at hombre?

  36. The Bruce Peninsula on Georgian Bay in Ontario. Where you livin man?

  37. Toronto, I got a place up on Stoney Lake in the Kawarthas. Georgian Bay is really nice. Small world.

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