Exclusive: New Daniel Danger Pinback Poster

DD fanboys rejoice! You heard it here first! Daniel was nice enough to send over an image of a new poster he did for the band Pinback. He won’t have these for sale for awhile (the show is the 21st, but it probably won’t be available till October, I’ll keep you posted). Dan’s work is getting better and better. I will keep you posted on availability, enjoy.

15 Responses to “Exclusive: New Daniel Danger Pinback Poster”

  1. Kickass!

  2. that is dope

  3. i really like this. very nostalgic type photography here. daniel danger will become pretty popular soon.

  4. also…do you know if there are any DD FS14 posters going up on TME?

  5. Diesel, they sold out at Flatstock.

  6. drymount

  7. a print i actually enjoy from DD

  8. A new and welcome direction for DD, very nice

  9. Print looks superb.. I am hoping this will be my 1st Daniel Danger print

  10. Shepard Fairey loaned him some of his wall paper patterns.

  11. OHHHHHH BURN! DD just got so pwnd.

  12. All burns aside, this print reminds me of the cover of the most recent Elliott Smith posthumous release. I personally don’t like this direction. I like DD’s ghost animals and waify chicks better. Also zombies.

  13. yeah, THB, i would like it better as is without the patterns

  14. This is a really beautiful piece. Congrats to Daniel, I’m loving his work.


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