Next Week’s Obey Print: “War is Over”

Well, looks like we got a little present, an earlier than usual preview of next week’s Obey print, War is Over.  This one seems pretty cool to me, looks like a couple weeks off really helped the quality over there.  Like all Obey prints, this will come out on Tuesday at noon PST.  Visit to purchase.

20 Responses to “Next Week’s Obey Print: “War is Over””

  1. This print sucks, I cant believe people still get hype about Sheps work. Play doubt…

  2. He hasn’t done a propaganda-styled one in awhile, so I kinda like it. There are elements about it that are out of wack, but it’d be nice if he started doing more war-based propaganda stuff again.

  3. Best print since Sunsets (which is still way better).

  4. Better than sunsets… He can’t even really trace people well. Not sure about the cutout filter at the bottom of the page. Maybe one more week and this thing would have been really nice.

  5. Play doubt, now that’s original.

  6. It looks unfinished. The white sky does not match the red and black. And what’s up with the filter on the bottom?

  7. its called ‘cutout’, its kinda running amuck with his stuff lately.

    none of the elements seem to fit with each other. nice concept, but not a very successful execution.

  8. may i direct your attention here…

  9. Garbage… again. Recycled images, borrowed text (John Lennon), worn out subjects. How many people bought pet rocks before they decided to acknowledged they were buying worthless junk?

  10. I swear it seems like he goes through vector stock art and slaps s*hit together in 2-3 hrs max each week.

  11. Though still not as god-awful as that Smashing Pumpkins album cover, this comes close. It looks like a first year design student mimicking Shepard.

  12. This print reminds me of Toxicity Inspector, in the sense that it could have been great with a little extra work. Although, there is some attention to detail that is missing.
    Overall, I like the theme and think there are several messages that you could draw from this imagery. Especially in the way the layering of buildings are set with the rubble up front and things gradually getting better as you reach the horizon.

  13. This print is rubbish. I am officially trading in my OBEY black sabbath hoodie for a Perry Ellis track jacket.

  14. preppy

  15. ^ lol

  16. This is interesting. I’ll bite…

  17. Funny how fast this sold out considering all the haters.

  18. i did not like it, but picked it up anyways, so i can trade it for another obey i want. purchase process was relatively painless

  19. My thoughts precisely! Especially since I had approved my payment at Paypal and then when I got back to OBEY and clicked confirm it stalled out and I got shafted!!! I’m still f*cking livid about that! Not cool. And you know there was already an eBayer selling it for $150.00!

  20. let’s not forget who Shepard Fairey is, what he’s done, and what he stands/stood for. WE ALL fall under the weight of imperialism. Not one of us, NOT ONE, would not cash in on the opportunity that Fairey is currently cashing in on. He has a family; a new baby. HELL WE ALL WOULD TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN. It doesn’t diminish what and who he is… where it all began from him. It’s a rough world out there ASSHOLES. Shepard has added a block to the foundation of the house we must build. We ALL must buck up and have the balls to add our block. Then we will make it to the “Promise Land”. Anyone understand out there?

    Rego Park, NY.

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