New Ferg Print Coming

Ferg (a total OMG favorite) just posted this image of a future print over at Gigposters.  He only gave this info:  “Soon to be a print.  It will be LARGE.”  It’s nice to see some new print work out of Ferg, dude is going places.  I will keep you updated on the release.  Until then, enjoy!

11 Responses to “New Ferg Print Coming”

  1. nice…i love mushrooms

  2. Looks like more of a skull to me… then again I put acid in my Wheaties.

  3. umm, i think it’s a skull actually

  4. It’s a skull.

  5. you’re kidding right? i take it back if this is for free…

  6. It is probably a skull, but it could be a goomba.


  8. Ferg’s stuff is always interesting.

  9. Any update on release date?

  10. Not concrete, but it should be coming soon.

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