New Work by Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki just posted a handful of the new work for her latest show, Ephemera. Pretty amazing stuff here. Everything has sold, but you can always check out Gallery Nucleus to see how much everything was.

17 Responses to “New Work by Audrey Kawasaki”

  1. These are all very awesome.

  2. Awesome, and creepy at the same time

  3. Emek drew the skeletons.

  4. man these are so good. I really like the direction she’s taking

  5. Bad hippie art. She’s way overrated and well over priced.

  6. How can you not be a pederass if you like this art? Look at the 4th picture down, and try telling me you like that, but you don’t like kiddie porn.

  7. you’re serious?

  8. Look at the 4th picture down. That is a nude drawing of a kid, end of story. I lived in Japan for a little less than 2 years when I got out of college, and grown women do not look like that. That is a child, plain and simple.

  9. You lived in Japan and learned what nude kids looked like? I don’t follow your explanation.

  10. A lot of people say “Those aren’t kids, they’re oriental so they look young,” but I’m here to tell you that excuse doesn’t fly. It’s a drawing of a nude kid. Booyah!

  11. I’m just saying, if you like the look of that, then you like the look of nude kids. If you like the look of nude kids, you’re a pedophile. Therefore, if you like the look of certain pieces from AK, you are a pedophile.

  12. Wow I think you protest too much. Calm down man. There is nothing sexually exciting about the artwork that you are so worried about. At least for most of us.

  13. This blog should be called OMG Sensitivity.

  14. hahahahahHAAH OMG Sensitivity hahahahhahHAHAHAhaa

    In other news, I would probably make sweet sanctimonious love to any one of these chicks and their weird little pets. Don’t tell Chris Hansen, okay you guys?

  15. Easy there Wilford. Better check your blood sugar before getting all rambunctious.

  16. pedofiles. i’m guessing this site needs its own dramatica page.

  17. Amazing

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