A Few Stella Im Hultberg Prints Left at Roq La Rue

Just got word that there are still a few (literally) Stella Im Hultberg prints available for phone purchase at Roq La Rue gallery.  The print, “Sometimes” has a tiny edition of 50 and costs $150.  Stella fans and savvy investors should call Roq La Rue at (206) 374-8977 to purchase.

10 Responses to “A Few Stella Im Hultberg Prints Left at Roq La Rue”

  1. got mine an hour ago 😮 )

  2. So is she also more surface-y than Kawasaki?

  3. Stoney, talk shit all you want about the art posted on here, but don’t start talking shit about what I write. Unless, of course, you have a better blog.

  4. i got the last one, yay!

  5. Just asking a question Mr. Sensitive.

  6. I have a huge sensitive side.

  7. ahahahahaaha I’ve seen it.

  8. Apparently

  9. hahaahaha Mr. Sensitive HAHAhahaHAHAAHA

  10. Anymore left? Where can I buy one?

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