New Stuff at Burlesque Design

Burlesque Design posted some really cool new stuff recently, led by Mike Davis’ new Alphabet poster and a new colorway of Aaron Horkey’s Black Osprey t-shirt.  Mike’s poster is a huge 24″ x 36″ screenprint and costs only $3o.  The t-shirt is printed on American Apparel and is $20.  To purchase, and to check out the other stuff they have up, visit

10 Responses to “New Stuff at Burlesque Design”

  1. I like the alphabet poster but what is R? I dont get it…

  2. “R” for Runner?

  3. R is a Rastafarian

  4. R is for Rapist?

  5. This whole thing rules…A-Z

    I think I’m getting a new t-shirt.

  6. I love that shirt but my sweat or something likes to bleach out AA shirts around the neck and shoulders…i’ll probably buy one anyway.

  7. i wonder how BNA subscribers feel about not getting any Horkeys

  8. y is for….?

  9. yummy?

  10. …and I thought that “r” was for rapper-but runner looks correct (sweat band and hair I thought was a funky hat at first).

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