Jermaine Rogers Life Size Squire Orders Start Friday

NOWhere Limited is going to sell the last of the preorders for the life size Squire by Jermaine Rogers this Friday, September 14. The black edition sold completely out at SDCC, and the allotment for the blue one (edition of 30) also ran out. NOWhere Limited saved a few for online release, so don’t sleep on this. The sculpt is 2′ long and 2′ high and will cost $600. To purchase, visit NOWhere Limited this Friday at 2pm EST.

9 Responses to “Jermaine Rogers Life Size Squire Orders Start Friday”

  1. Why would anyone buy that ugly-ass thing?

  2. I concur.

  3. yeah, I don’t get these things either.

  4. that thing scares me

  5. For 600 bones, no less…

  6. Apparently the Comic Con dorks were all over this one. Go figure.

  7. Creeped out.

  8. yeah, people love this thing, but I don’t understand why.

  9. wow

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