Ultraviolet Dreams Prints by Mars-1

Mars-1 just put up two brand new prints featuring images from his recent show at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Frankly, this is some of his best work ever, I really like the direction he has taken. These are almost guaranteed to get commented on in your home. 100% OMGPosters approval on this one. Visit Mars-1.com to purchase.

Ultraviolet Dreams 1

21.5″ x 21″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 50, $155 Shipped:

Ultraviolet Dreams 2

21.5″ x 21″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 50, $155 Shipped:

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  1. I’m not a hippay!

  2. These are rad.

  3. Sickness, i want to pull the trigger on one or both btu don’t know if it would be as good of an investment as some other artist’s prints right now… BUT the pieces here are siiiick and incredibly composed so I’m tempted to throw down for that alone. I know it would be one to go on the wall so longterm value is definitely the key here and I think it woud be well worht it. Mars-1 seems to be showing well from what I’ve heard. Been at some well-known galleries lately.

    ok i’m done talking to myself. fuggits friday. are these deckled edged? or bottom deckle? nice thick archival watercolor paper? high quality reproduction of the image (giclee obviously) are they well done?

    lot of $ to drop for a relatively small sized print but then agiam its a small edition. how fast will this shiz sell out anyone know!?

  4. I would buy it if you like it, people get too hung up on future value. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the quality, so if you like it and don’t care if it is only worth face in the future, buy it.

  5. MARS-1 Sells fairly well. They shouldn’t last more than maybe 1-2 weeks max.

  6. Haven’t these been up in the store for quite awhile?

  7. Now they have the OMG bump.

  8. Yo anyone around? Who bought one or both and if just one which one did you buy (or like best out of the two)?

    I picked up #2… lookin forward to getting it for sure, I’ve been on the “Mars” fence since ’05 when I first learned of his work. Always liked it, however I have been so into other artists that I hadn’t dropped the money yet to get into MARS-1. Now i’m afraid that I’ll be aading another addiction to my list!! In response to admin; i hear ya… for me buying expensive art prints ($100+) it’s definitely about the art first and the long-term value second. If it doesn’t increase in value much at all thats cool with me as long as I get enjoyment out of it for a good period of time… usually by framing and hanging it up for all to see and contemplate (this one will make people scratch their heads!) I’d honestly get less enjoyment out of buying a popular artist’s print which had an image that i didn’t care for – storing it away – and selling years later for a good profit. There’s not much satisfaction in that for me personally. I’d rather spend the money putting art on my walls!

    Anyway, the 2 prints…
    Ultraviolet Dreams #1 seems more “dead” because of the darker colors – browns and purples, but still a great composition.
    Ultraviolet Dreams #2 seems more “alive” and soft because of the cooler colors, i guess with more blue and green tones.

    Sorry for writing a book… peace!

  9. I think #2 is the better print as well. The colors are much more pleasing and I’m sure it will look fantastic. I have wanted a MARS-1 for a long time, but I really want one with a robot character in it, and he hasn’t put out a print with one for a long while.

    Looks like a majority of his new work is acid trip landscapes.

    As far as the buy what you love, not for investment comment, I think the “faggot” part was a out of line.

    I think you can be assured that this print will remain at the value if not increase as it sells out. MARS-1 is on fire right now and will just keep growing in popularity. These new surrealist painters are getting more and more attention every day.

  10. I have deleted Titi’s comment, as well as the comments that repeated what he said. I’m all for freedom of speech, but I do not condone homophobic hate speech. Any further shenanigans like that will constitute the loss of one’s commenting privileges.

    Titifreak: You’ve been warned.

  11. Thanks, admin. That was the right thing to do. Sorry if I somehow provoked him into doing that but like you said, “titifreak” ‘s comment was hateful and uncalled for. That kind of stuff doesn’t belong anywhere, especially here on a blog about ART! I would have been very offended by his/her comment if I actually was a homosexual, so I hate to see or hear that stuff.

    Anyway, on with the show. Let’s not let one person pollute what is otherwise a great blog, subject matter, group of fans, and commenters. Peace Y’all!

  12. > Evan, the “acid trip landscape” style is pretty sweet looking in my opinion but I can see how it is a departure from his work in ’04 – ’05. The new works seem to be more organic (there’s the acid trip again) and experimental in a way because to me, the older style is more structured by using lots of straight lines and angles and interlocking objects. Interesting. And these circular planet-like “Ultraviolet Dreams” prints are a nice addition to his usual vertical or horizontal scenes.

    As far as your comment “These new surrealist painters are getting more and more attention every day.” – I agree and believe that he has the potential to really benefit if he is able to embrace the sci-fi crowd (more-so if he has not already), and given that his bio says he is very interested in that subject it would be a good match. Think if he got commissioned to do work for some sort of mass-media type of project in that genre, like artwork for a DVD cover or a MARS-1 work-based motion-graphics animation for the SCI-FI Channel. That would be sick to see a work of his animated.

    Anyway hope you like the #2 print if you picked it up. That Mescalito print of his is on there as well, don’t know how long it has been there though, it’s an awesome piece of course and very tempting!

  13. I think I got the last set. I saw two #1’s on ebay but I ended up getting them from urbanretro.co.uk due to the shortage in the states. This is some of the best Mars-1 work I’ve seen this far. The landscapes are great and they the two are really going to contrast two different worlds. Can’t wait to get them in!

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