Ruined in a Day by Christopher Lands

MarshHouse just put up for sale a brand new print by Chris Lands called Ruined in a Day. It is a signed/numbered screenprint, 9″ x 18″ is the size, the edition is 100, and the price is $25. Visit to buy.

EDIT: I’m gonna watch out for my daytime work people and not post a picture of this one, it has bare boobies. Visit the site.

5 Responses to “Ruined in a Day by Christopher Lands”

  1. i like b00bs

  2. I second that

  3. Thanks for lookin out for us corporate yuppies, Mitch.

  4. i’m pretty sure that you can get this for free with any order from his site according to his post here:

  5. truth. you can get a free copy of right now with any flatstock type/ poster/ art print purchase on my website ( 1 per purchase.

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