Richard Wilkenson Prints at BlueFlip Art

BlueFilp Art just released 9 brand new prints by UK artist Richard Wilkenson.  As usual, these are very reasonably priced (as in $15-$40 for giclees) and 10% of the sale price goes to charity.  Have a look around, they have a bunch of good stuff over there.  Visit

7 Responses to “Richard Wilkenson Prints at BlueFlip Art”

  1. im confused, i thought it was illegal in the artwork to release a giclee unless it was marked up 1000%.

    id also like to note that my in-browser spell checking software doesn’t even recognize the word ‘giclee’.

  2. the robot looks like a BIG soto rip off…

  3. That’s why I didn’t post it.

  4. very cool of you. I think Jeff’s blog post has really circled arund at this point. Really opened up my eyes at least

  5. Are they limited edition? s/n?

  6. Nope, not limited or signed, that’s how BlueFlip keeps them so cheap.

  7. thats kind of what I figured. I like the kid w/ the balloon one.
    Great site you got here btw

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