Welcome Marsh House


Wanted to introduce the site’s newest sponsor, Marsh House Art.  The site is run by a really cool dude named Chip with loads of artwork to sell.  He is a particularly good source of sold out prints from Dan McCarthy and Leia Bell, but he has tons of other stuff.  Check out his site if you get a chance, MarshHouseArt.com.  Thanks again to all the site sponsors.

11 Responses to “Welcome Marsh House”

  1. Damn, Mitch. Thanks.

    Purchases made through August and marked OMG in the shipping instructions will get the shipping refunded on your purchase. This applies to any order – domestic or International – of any size. You MUST mark OMG in the instructions to get this refund.

    Y’all have a great day.

  2. Kudos on the new site marshhouse. Nice job man

  3. Mitch is a sellout.

  4. This is no accusation but what sets a person with an online storefront apart from just another flipper?

  5. In my opinion, it’s the fact that Chip (along with other legit poster dealers) is authorized by these artists to sell these prints. He has bought in bulk from them for a long time.

  6. Generally a tax ID number sets a legit business apart from someone who’s just a flipper.

    I think the free shipping says alot too.

  7. show a price and some people want to buy, some don’t. whatevs.

  8. Are these prices for the originals?

  9. “This is no accusation but what sets a person with an online storefront apart from just another flipper?”

    artists CHOOSE to deal with him based on his reputation, as a dealer. plus, he publishes prints and works with artists. theres a huge difference between people artists want to work with to sell and promote their work, and some random douche on ebay just making a quick buck by exploiting an artists popularity.

  10. Are you really exploiting an artist by taking advantage of their popularity? The American marketplace is built upon the “quick buck”. Thank you Jake Bannon for helping me make next month’s car payment.

    No offense, DD, I guess you just hurt my feelings by calling me a random douche. I am a consistent douche if anything.

  11. hahahaha

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