New Daniel Danger Prints at Flatstock 14

If you are heading up to Flatstock in Seattle, you will be able to get a handful of new prints by Daniel Danger.  Each of these will debut in Seattle, then make their way online to after the show.  More info will follow, for now enjoy the eye candy.

“there is nothing out here, I do not hear what you hear.” 

20″ x 30″, 10 color screenprint:

I.  we were fortunate.

II.   there were no cameras, no helicopters, no sirens for our return.

III.  so with a quiet kiss and a single step we had given ourselves to this place.

3 print set, 8″ x 32″ each, 12 color screenprint:

And then of course there is the Flatstock set that I already covered.   Everything considered, it looks like this will be a very big trip to Seattle for Mr. Danger.

4 Responses to “New Daniel Danger Prints at Flatstock 14”

  1. How come Chicago never gets as much love. Great work DD!

  2. I love “there is nothing out here, I do not hear what you hear.” can’t wait for it to go online so i can get a copy

  3. kinda wish i was going to flatstock!

  4. stunning – all of them.
    nice work DD

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