Dunny Series 4

The folks at Kidrobot have announced the details on the Series 4 collection of Dunnys.  Artists involved include Baseman, Nico Berry, Jon Burgerman, Dalek, David Flores, Huck Gee, Thomas Han, Shane Jessup, KOA, Frank Kozik, JLED, MAD, Mad Barabarians, Tara McPherson, MIST, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Sket One, and Twelve Care Pileup.  You might also notice that the promo materials/packaging is all designed by Tara.  The release date is September 27.  These are sure to be a hot item.

12 Responses to “Dunny Series 4”

  1. hmm… new BUDS > new dunnies – but that shouldn’t stop me from buying a fresh case of these anyway 🙂

  2. gotta love the clockwork kozik

  3. I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit. – Banksy

  4. In my professional opinion, 99% of dunnys are pretty retarded.

  5. However that cheeseburger one looks mighty fine.

  6. Palebird, I didn’t know you got paid for your opinions. Are you a newpaper editor?

  7. newspaper

  8. basically these are 10 minute doodles for the kids. The Kozik probably 2 minutes – guy has to have set a record for selling the same design in 2000 variations.

  9. the chase figure in this series is a flocked vinyl King Kong with tiny woman accessory by MAD.

    in all honesty the best dunnies in the world are the custom ones. I’ve seen scuba ones, turkey dinner ones, wooden ones, zombie ones…

    Huck Gee’s geisha and samurai ones happen to be insanely detailed too but it’s not really my thing. He also got paid to dress up his dolls in designer clothing …dolls which consequently sell for hundreds/thousands of dollars now. (these weren’t dunnies, more like Real Action Hero figures with skullheads)

    But hey, whatever rubs your buddha!

  10. The toy industry needs less painting and more innovative sculpting along the lines of JAMUNGOs design. The appeal for me is in the 3D quality, not the 2D. That’s just my professional opinion, though.

  11. in my professional opinion, i agree with Wilford Brimley.

  12. in regards to kozik design here, hes always said he likes making a version of each design/theme in a couple formats, so collectors can have a “themed” set that branches across a couple different toy companys and platforms. so in this case, you can have the 8″ clockwork nade, the 3″ clockwork dunny, the clockwork labbit, etc. just like how hes got a series of bloody toys. its a good idea, even if it means “recycled” designs. sure its simple, but most kozik toy collectors love to have these themed collections.

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