This Week’s Obey Print: 11th Hour Action

This week’s Obey print is actually related to an upcoming movie, 11th Hour Action. I can’t lie, I don’t hate this one nearly as much as some of his other recent work, and the cause/movie seems worthwhile. The print will go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug 14) at noon PST at To see the trailer, visit

Also, check out this mockup that Rhinomilk from made up illustrating what it would have looked like if Shepard didn’t feel the need to completely cover every print with a bunch of filler.  I like the clean look alot, wish this was the real thing.  DISCUSS.

45 Responses to “This Week’s Obey Print: 11th Hour Action”

  1. I’ve seen better looking s*it come out of my dog’s ass

  2. Really?!
    You need to flip that sh*t on ebay!

  3. Community college art professor: “ok the assignment is The 11th Hour, whos got some good ideas?”

    Axe wearin’ dude: “oooooh a CLOCK man that would be TIGHT!”

  4. i was waiting for someone to mention the hardcore band Earth Crisis!! so funny…

    ==flashbacks to my youth==


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