Aesthetic Appartatus X DRDC Print

After 17 screens, the Aesthetic Apparatus x Decoder Ring Design Concern print is finally done.  These have an edition of 100, and I believe the size is somewhere around 22″  x 26″.  The price is $260 shipped.  Visit to purchase.

8 Responses to “Aesthetic Appartatus X DRDC Print”

  1. i like it…but i don’t love it

  2. After the Tara and Horkey, I’d say this is a stinker.

  3. who cares about the # of screens it took…

  4. You don’t care if a print has 17 colors? Too cool for school, sounds like.

  5. 17 screens is a valiant effort, but this print still doesn’t impress me.

    Then again, I am definitely too cool for school.

  6. Why the hell were you in that movie Death Valley?

  7. 17 screens wow, but yeah kinda ugly.
    i’ve seen fewer screens produce better pieces.
    not everybody is gonna like everything, o well

  8. i’m sure it looks great in person, and i like almost everything they do it seems. it’s busy though, for sure.

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