Jermaine Rogers / NOWhere Limited at SDCC

If you are travelling to San Diego Comic Con, you need to run by Jermaine’s booth (among MANY others). Here are some of the things that will be debuting at the ‘Con:

1. NOWhere Limited / Jermaine Rogers Life Size Squire Preorder ($600, Edition of 30)

2. Life Size Squire (Shadow Version) ($900, Edition of 10)

3. Veil Collectors Set

4. Clear Veil (Edition of 100)

5. GID Veil

6. Virgin Veil (Unpainted)

7. Jermaine’s first giclee art prints. Jermaine will debut two brand new giclees in San Diego, each with an edition of 10.

So be sure to go by booth #4935 starting Wednesday.

5 Responses to “Jermaine Rogers / NOWhere Limited at SDCC”

  1. Have any pictures of the giclees?

  2. Nope, to be debuted at the Con.

  3. that shadow squire is creepy for sure

  4. Those Veils are pretty awesome.

  5. I’m already having nightmares about waking up with one of those squires in my house.

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