New Alex Pardee Prints

Fresh off of his Juxtapoz cover, Alex Pardee has some new prints available.  If you are a Pardee fan, be sure to check out the site, there is an extensive selection of giclees ready for purchase.  To check them all out, visit

Escaped Convic(tion)

22″ x 17″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 200, $40:

Vomit Is Love

17″ x 22″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 200, $40:

The Jaundiced Rider

17″ x 22″, Signed/Numbered Edition of 200, $40:

Henry The Saint

17″ x 22″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 200, $40:

20 Responses to “New Alex Pardee Prints”

  1. Just got the Escaped Convic(tion) piece

  2. What a mess, would anybody besides Cernoch display this crap?

  3. No

  4. I like them or I wouldn’t have posted them. Why the hate?

  5. Also, judging by his appearance on the Juxtpoz cover this month, apparently alot of people would display it.

  6. I may consider displaying it next to my toilet.

  7. In my opinion the imagery is repulsive, but this made me laugh out loud: “And as an extra bonus, I have mixed tears into the inks so each one has a bit of my personal sadness.”

  8. Yeah I tried to comment a while ago but it didnt go through. The first one is decent, but I don’t know if I could ever hang something so violent in my place.

  9. it would be a sad day when artists should concerned with whether or not people would want to put their works on their walls.

  10. “Dying of Thirst” is pretty nice! I got one. Too bad there’s a lot of hate out there.

  11. oh thats right artists don’t need to sell their work.

  12. go read a bible

  13. Huh?

  14. I really really think whoever DOESN’T like alex pardees work shouldn’t search up his art. If you want to complain about something you don’t like, do it about something that actually might make a difference in the world
    and besides, i love alex’s work, it expresses so much emotion and he is very talented.

  15. of course everyone is entitled to their own opion on works of art, but beauty is not something that can be shut into a box and labeled and given boundries. There is beauty hidden in the disturbance in the world, beauty in the uglyness hidden in peoples minds. Dark beauty that is often condemned because people are scared of it.

    Yes it is violent, and sometimes a little disturbing, but im sure most artists would agree that it is better to make work that causes a reaction/disturbance/makes the viewer think rather than look at it once, feel nothing and never think of it again.

    Appreciate the beauty in the darker side of life.

  16. If you dont like Alex Pardee get the hell of this site.

    He is without a doubt the most amazing artist living today. Every piece of his artwork is filled with emotion and meaning, obviously your too shallow to see it. But the true artists on this site can. True alot of his artwork is “vioent” in immature minds, but it gets his messages across. Its what society needs, and Alex Pardee is giving it to us. SO STFU

    [[Go bite a bible? niceeee]

  17. I love his work. so full of passion and character.

  18. wow this work is amazing i wish that i had the talent to create such beautiful pieces they are so abstract and wonderful and all of the works have such great concepts behind them i love it

  19. We just got “Vomit is Love” for our apartment. Too bad we had to drop 90 bucks on a custom frame for a 40 dollar piece of art. But VisL was a less violent alternative to the Conviction one. I love it.

  20. Personally i think that this is amazing. if i had the money i would love you buy a shit ton of this art. all the haters can fuck off.

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