New Candykiller Prints at BlueFlip Art

If you haven’t noticed by now, I like prints by Brian Taylor aka Candykiller.  BlueFlip Art just started publishing work by him, and they have a really cool and extensive selection of his stuff (their prints are also some of the most inexpensive giclees you can buy).  Also, 10% of all sales of Taylor’s prints go to the International Red Cross.  Visit BlueFlip Art to check them all out, there are already 12 available.


8″ x 11″, $21.95:


11″ x 13″, $39.95:


10.5″ x 15″, $39.95

3 Responses to “New Candykiller Prints at BlueFlip Art”

  1. I am really diggin some of these prints as well. Couple of Q’s though?

    1. What is the edition size of each release?
    2. Are they signed by him?

  2. Hi nearcyde. To answer your questions, these prints are being kept as an open edition and are unsigned in an effort to keep the cost per print down.

    While exclusivity is fine and dandy, we here at BlueFlip Art strive to get great art to the widest possible audience at very fair prices.

    Which is not to say that we won’t be releasing some limited edition prints in the future! Keep your eyes peeled. 😉

  3. A “real” giclee for that price eh?

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