This Week’s Obey Print: By Any Means Necessary

Looks like Obey has another print in two color versions up for sale this week.  By Any Means Necessary is the name this time.  Usual time, Tuesday at noon PST.  Visit to purchase.

8 Responses to “This Week’s Obey Print: By Any Means Necessary”

  1. Why even add the borders? Why not release a square print rather than adding this fluff?

  2. Once again, Shepard Fairey has outdone himself. The rendering on the face and hands is about the best thing I have ever seen ever. Amazing, amazing pair of prints. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  3. Shepard has always had problems with hands, this is no exception. I’m also kind of bored with this image and hope that a whole slew of record album cover prints aren’t lined up for the next 12 weeks or so.

  4. As far as “Why even add the borders” goes – why don’t you go ahead and start your own enterprise pumping out prints? Why be an armchair art critic when you can get offa your duff and go create something yourself?

  5. Sunsets was good, this one…..not so much.

  6. Tool you’r nothing but a tool. The print sucks period. I like basketball – doesnt mean I cant criticize a player because Im not in the nba.

  7. wanksta took the words out of my mouth.

  8. Wanksta I’ll bet you do a lot of criticizing in your time.

    Drawing an analogy between playing basketball and producing art seems kind of lame to me, though. Making and selling art does not require much as far as physical attributes goes, whereas playing in the NBA does. Are you saying you can’t make art? You can recognize what is “bad” art, obviously, so it seems you should be able to produce what you consider to be “good” art, no? Maybe you won’t make it on “OMG Posters!” with your efforts, but who knows? Put in a little work like S. Fairey did/does and see what happens.

    You’re right, though, you are entitled to your opinion. I am also entitled to mine. You can criticize the art and I can criticize your criticism, dig?

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