Decoder Ring Design Concern X Aesthetic Apparatus Process Thread

As you may remember from the Tara McPherson print, Decoder Ring Design has an ongoing project where they fly down artists to produce immaculate art prints ranging from 15-20 colors.  Minneapolis’ own Aesthetic Apparatus is in Texas with the boys right now, and you can follow the process of their print in a thread at […]

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Andreas Samuelsson

Tonight’s offering from Tiny Showcase will be by Swedish artist Andreas Samuelsson. From what I have found, Samuelsson has done quite a bit of varied work, so its worth your time to check out his site. Tiny Showcase prints are always small and inexpensive, and the edition will be 100. As usual, the release time […]

Buff Monster Series One Vinyls at Rotofugi

If you are a fan of Buff Monster’s street art, you will be pleased with his new vinyl series, now up for sale at Rotofugi.  They are a blind box assortment, with a total of 9 figures in the series.  They are about 3.5″ tall and come in a cool little tube.  $25 for one, […]

New Jacob Bannon Print Up

There is a new print set by Jacob Bannon up at $70 for two seperate screenprints printed at Burlesque. Edition of 180. Visit EDIT:  All Gone!!

The Early Thaw by Mike Klay

Remember that Mike Klay print that we talked about a few weeks back?  Its up for sale now, and Mike has also posted an entire process thread which includes his photography that inspired the print.  The size is 19″ x 25″, the edition is 100, the price is $40 shipped, and the Classifieds section […]

This Week’s Obey Print: This Is Your Church

Another interesting print from Obey will drop this week, not totally sure what I think of it yet.  On one hand, I’m glad that he seems to be adding some variety lately, but on the other hand this image is pretty simple and looks like it could’ve gotten pumped out pretty fast.   Please discuss.  Either […]

New Prints by Jon Smith

Jon Smith just released two brand new prints, a special second edition of the Pretty Skull print and a sequel called Zoo Lord.  Both of these are now available in the Classifieds. Pretty Skull (Special Second Edition) 16″ x 16″, Edition of 20, $25 Shipped: Zoo Lord 16″ x 16″, Edition of 40, $20 […]

New Derek Hess Calendar Preorder Up

The new 2008 Strhess/Derek Hess calendar is now available for preorder.  The 14 month calendar (Nov 07-Dec 08) is oversized (10″ x 28″) and each preordered copy will be signed by Derek.  The calendars will ship at the beginning of August.  $17.99 is the price, is the spot.

Are you going to SDCC?

If you are at or going to SDCC over the weekend sometime and could help me out by grabbing me something, please email me. Thanks!! EDIT:  All taken care of, thank you!

New Dan Grzeca Art Print: Lost in the Crusade

If you haven’t seen Dan Grzeca’s work in person before, do yourself a favor and buy this, it will knock your socks off.  “Lost in the Crusade” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 200.  It was produced using 4 screens, but 3 of them were split fountains.  At only $30, these […]

New Grant Barnhart Art Print : Conversation With Asphalt

Grant Barnhart just released a new 5 color screenprint, “Conversation With Asphalt”.  At 22″ x 30″, this would look pretty powerful on anyone’s wall.  Edition of 90, $75.  Visit to purchase.

Jeremiah Ketner Print at Rotofugi

Rotofugi recently hosted an amazing show by Jeremiah Ketner, and they are now selling a brand new screenprint.  “Say Goodnight” is a 11″ x 14″ print, signed/numbered in an edition of 100.  The price is only $35.  Visit to purchase (they have tons of other awesome stuff too).

New Crosshair Art Print : “Anti-Landmark”

Coudal Partners just keep pumping out the amazing exclusives, and this one is no exception.  Everyone has been waiting for a new Crosshair art print, and it has arrived.  This 17.5″ x 23.5″ seven color screenprint has an edition of 100, 50 of which are available now through Coudal.  The price is $60.  Visit […]

Evan Hecox “LA Blacksun II” Print

Arkitip just dropped a brand new Evan Hecox print, a second piece in the LA Blacksun series.  The first one sold out quite a while ago, but if you have it, this will complete the diptych.  The new print is a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, signed/numbered in an edition of 100.  The price is $95.  […]

New Justin Hampton Art Prints TODAY (Onsale Info)

Justin Hampton will release 2 brand new art prints today, and both of them are stunning.  These will go with the quickness, so be on your toes for sure.  To purchase, email Justin today (Wednesday, July 25) at noon PST.  Do not be early, as early emails will be pushed to the end of the […]