Gatito Sacerdote Azteca by Jermaine Rogers at NOWhere Limited (Onsale Info)

This Wednesday, NOWhere Limited will release a brand new art print by Jermaine Rogers, Gatito Sacerdote Azteca. This is a 29″ x 23″ six color screenprint, enabling the use of metallic inks and two split fades. The price will be $75, and it will have an edition of only 50. To get one, be on […]

Dan McCarthy Prints at Postersandtoys

If you hurry, you just may be able to grab one of the two remaining copies of Dan McCarthy’s “The Day Everything Became Nothing” from for only $39.99. These sold out pretty fast, and that’s only $10 over original retail. This will most likely be your last chance to grab this for cheap. Be […]

Candykiller “Demons” Print

Coudal Partners Swap Meat just made Brian Taylor’s (aka Candykiller) Demons print available.  Formerly a part of the now sold out Candykiller Print Pack, this 8″ x 10″ Letterpress beauty is becoming pretty hard to find.  Coudal only has 20 to sell, so you probably shouldn’t wait around too long.  As if the $25 price […]

Tyler Stout’s “Migration” (Almost Gone)

Just thought I’d give you the heads up that Tyler Stout’s awesome new art print, Migration, is almost sold out (you can find it under “TStore”). There are less than ten of these left, and at $20 for a 3 color metallic screenprint, it’s no wonder. Also, be sure to check out Tyler’s other work, […]

Tara McPherson Hellboy Qee

Looks like Tara McPherson will be doing a variant of the 8″ Hellboy Qee.  Her version is limited to 450 and will cost $79.99.  This doesn’t come out till August 15, and you can bet that I will update you all with any info as it comes in.  Enjoy.

Blue Moon Art Print by Mike Klay

Mike Klay is continuing his foray into awesome art prints with this one, titled “Blue Moon.”  It is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, and glows in the dark.  With an edition of only 50 and a price of only $35 shipped, you should probably grab this one soon, its too cool to be around long.  […]

The Skulls Print Series by Stupid Devil

Stupid Devil just released a series of four skull inspired art prints.  Each is a 12″ x 16″ giclee, and they have a small edition of 66.  They cost $30 each, but you can use promo code “stupidvinyl” for 20% off.  Visit Stupid Devil to purchase. Skulliphant Punk Monkey Cat 

Today’s To Do List

1. Buy Shellac’s new album “Excellent Italian Greyhound” on vinyl (Available in local record stores or online, be sure to get the vinyl LP version). 2. Enjoy the inside illustration and screenprinted slip cover by Jay Ryan. 3. Go to the store, buy an inexpensive record frame. 4. Find some wallspace, nail, hang.

Free Bird Art Print by StrawberryLuna

First of all, today is StrawberryLuna’s (aka Allison) birthday, so Happy Birthday to her!  As if that weren’t enough, she just released a brand new art print called Free Bird.  This is a 12″ x 22″ 5 color screenprint, in a small edition of only 65.  Purchasing one of these for $25 would be an […]

Eye of Gaia Art Print by Justin Hampton

Justin Hampton just put a brand new art print up for sale.  Eye of Gaia was commissioned by Rock The Earth and Living Tree Paper, and it is a statement about global warming.  The 11″ x 25″ screenprint is an edition of 500, but Hampton will only be selling #1-100, with the other 400 copies […]

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Laura Park

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase print release will be by Laura Park.  This will be Laura’s second print for Tiny Showcase, her first one was a big success.  In an unusual move, the print is actually available for viewing before the onsale.  As always, it will be a small and inexpensive offering, available on the site tonight […]

This Week’s Obey Release: Two Sides of Capitalism Offset

Obey will release a new offset tomorrow (Tuesday, June 12) titled “Two Sides of Capitalism”.  This print is a repeat pattern of the two Obey dollar designs that were recently “dropped” in select cities.  This will be an unusually large edition of 800, and the limit has been upped to 2 per person.  The prints […]

Andrew Bird Concert Poster by Grant Barnhart

Just got a heads up about an amazing screenprint by Grant Barnhart.  This is a concert poster for Andrew Bird, and is a 5 color screenprint, 12″ x 24″, and an edition of only 150.  Normally a painter, Barnhart enlisted the help of the wonderful Jay Ryan at The Bird Machine to screenprint this, and […]

Animal Gravity by Powerslide Design

Powerslide Design (aka Mike Klay) just released a brand new art print, and its awesome.  Animal Gravity is available as both a paper version and a wood version.  The paper version is an edition of 45 and costs $35.  The version on wood is an edition of only 9 and runs $100.  Each is 19″ […]

Montezuma’s Kiss by Jermaine Rogers – NOWhere Limited Exclusive

NOWhere Limited will be releasing a huge exclusive art print this Wednesday, Jermaine Rogers’ Montezuma’s Kiss.  This is a 6 color screenprint with a TINY edition of 25.  The 23″ x 27″ print will be $75.  To purchase, be punctual, and visit on Wednesday, June 13 at 3pm EST.