The Posters of Methane Studios

I’m a big Methane fan, and I think everyone else should be, so I’m going to show you some of their recent poster work, as well as some stuff that hasn’t even gone up for sale yet.  The quality of their printing is perfect, and they are good dudes taboot.  You can check out the full stock of posters and art prints at

These are a few new ones available now: 

And here are two that haven’t debuted on the site yet, keep your eye out.

2 Responses to “The Posters of Methane Studios”

  1. glad to see methane is keeping up its great work!

  2. the YMSB poster is by far one of my all time favorite concert posters of all time. and if you look at the bee’s close enough, they has lil skulls on them

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