10 Questions With Daniel Danger


twenty four, a quarter of the way to getting my face on good morning america.


my compound in the woods of massachusetts. the tiny media studio is in orange MA, above an old abandoned tool company and a room containing alot of hospital gurneys.

Years Doing Posters:

stealing photocopies from high school offices since the mid 90s, silkscreening prints since 2002 or so.

Favorite Poster that You’ve Done:

“sink or swim so cautiously, my breath is just falling out of me”. it was just the most satisfying feeling to finally finish it and pull off something so complicated and new to me. lots of headaches, but labor of love i suppose. accordingly, i have to give alot of credit to ben and andy at dieselfuel for being awesome to work with the week we printed it, and nic bohawk for pulling alot of all nighters with me as we crash coursed ourselves in index color seperations.

Click Here to see the progress and alot of funny pictures of andy.

Favorite Poster that Someone Else Did:

jay ryan’s hum & promise ring poster from 1998 with the astronaut floating out from the space capsule. my best friend ran the hum mailing list and had it on his wall, and i fell in love with it instantly. it was the print that made me realize that this sort of artwork existed and made me want to be a part of it. accordingly, my first ever hand drawn flyer i remember being a straight up knock off of it. to this day, my friends copy is still stapled to his wall covered in packing tape and pin holes.

Music Currently In Rotation:

andrew birds last two albums, which are amazing, laura veir’s ‘year of meteors’, shellac’s ‘excellent italian greyhound’, nat baldwin’s ‘lights out’, tara melo’s ‘drugs to the dear youth’, and patton oswalts ‘werewolves and lollipops’.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought:

tyler stouts ‘migration’, which is awesome. i like ghosts, well drawn old buildings, and the moon, so it was pretty much perfect for me. also, subtle metallics were a nice touch.

Favorite Website:

craigslist’s ‘collectibles’ section. non stop hilarity.

Upcoming Stuff:

my main project right now is a wooden box set containing a series of narrative prints that tell a simple quiet story, that will come with an accompanying ’soundtrack’ LP record and booklet. hopefully ill have that finished by fall. as well as another set of 4 prints done from some paintings i did for my rochester show last month. also, prepping for flatstock at the pitchfork festival in a few short weeks by figuring out how i can install an air conditioning unit in my face.

Words of Wisdom:

“who gives a fuck, mythbusters is on”

To see the work of Mr. Danger, visit TinyMediaEmpire.com

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