Today’s Obey Print: Toxicity Inspector

Well, today’s Obey print has finally been announced, just about an hour before release.  As usual, this will drop today (Tuesday, June 26) at noon PST.  If nothing drastic has changed, it should be an edition of 300-350, and will cost $35.  This is gonna be a hot one, stay on your toes.  Visit to purchase.

12 Responses to “Today’s Obey Print: Toxicity Inspector”

  1. What do the haters think of this one?

  2. Well, I think the haters think that there is a huge error between the hand and the hose where they filled in background.

  3. Because there is.

  4. Cuz of the black?

  5. No, look again, directly above the left hand.

  6. Aaah, the extra line.

  7. Sigh, no, the area where it is supposed to be the color of his shirt and it is the color of the background. Here:

    Hopefully they fix it on the print though, I have faith!!

  8. Yeah, I know what you meant. Makes it look like they added an extra black line in the red OR filled his shirt in with red.

  9. Yeah, maybe so, that’d be a pretty funky shoulder without that line though. Let’s just hope it gets fixed.

  10. Amen

  11. bring it back to the factory… er ah I mean artist studio

  12. Shep is just untouchable. I mean, seriously, who else is making posters this good? Badass.

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